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You know Ricky Gervais, but who is Picklicious Fatkins Gervais?

What do you and Ricky Gervais, creator of The Office, have in common?

You are both cat lovers! And if your social media feed is something like his, you have cat pictures that will last until the deepest scroll is complete.

Check out Gervais and partner Jane Fallon’s feeds for tons of content starring Pickle Gervais, her beloved tabby cat.

Pickle recently joined the family and started out as a foster cat, but it soon became apparent that she was going to be a “foster mistake.” In October it became official, Pickle the Cat would be a Gervais forever.

@ Rickygervais / Instagram

From Foster to Forever

In March 2020, Gervais and Fallon’s beloved cat Ollie passed away. The cherished cat has been part of the family since 2003 when Jonathan Ross gave Gervais the kitten, Ollie. After some time had passed, the two decided to foster a cat to relieve the pain of Ollie’s loss.

First known as Catkins, the tabby girl came from a shelter to stay with Gervais and Fallon while she waited to be forever home. Shortly after their stay, Catkins knew she had found her at home forever. Your humans figured it out pretty quickly. Gervais shared the moment he knew on Instagram: “Quick update on the cat we are caring for. She keeps climbing on my lap and staring at me. We keep them. “

At the end of the day, Catkins got her family name when Fallon tweeted her, “Meet Pickle. Full name Picklicious Fatkins the First. “

@ JaneFallon / Twitter

Let’s enjoy some pickle pics thanks to Gervais’ sublime silliness, right?

Pickle loves her father’s antics, he’s just so stupid …

@ Rickygervais / Instagram

But Pickle also enjoys a good selfie!

@ Rickygervais / Instagram

And since cats don’t believe in personal limits, Gervais shared the perfect shot of an “fUrry Penguin is watching me bathe. “

@ Rickygervais / Instagram

Because he loves his cucumber so much, Gervais admits: “I haven’t done a job since having this cat. “

@ Rickygervais / Instagram

And who could blame him when that cute face stares? Like most cat lovers, Gervais recognizes: “Ancient civilizations revered cats as gods. The problem is, they never forgot. “

@ Rickygervais / Instagram

And cat parents will do everything in their power to give cats the luxury that divinity deserves. Check out Pickle’s beautiful throne for a nap …

@ Rickygervais / Instagram

But for all we give them, cats still leave us to ask questions with obvious answers like this: “I wonder who sharpened their claws on the back of the sofa. ”

@ Rickygervais / Instagram

And maybe they can be a little “mental” …

@ Rickygervais / Instagram

But we love them anyway, just like Gervais and Fallon love Pickle!

@ Rickygervais / Instagram

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