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Yeardley Smith loves cats

For three decades, Yeardley Smith has uttered one of the most famous characters in sitcom history: Lisa Simpson, the precocious 8-year-old saxophonist with The Simpsons. While the Simpsons may be her best-known role, Yeardley has a show business résumé that is impressive in every way.

She has appeared in numerous TV and film roles and recently started her own production company, Paperclip LTD. She also hosts a popular true crime podcast called Small Town Dicks. Her teammates are two real detectives (and identical twins) known only as Det. Dan and Det. Dave (to protect their identities).

When Yeardley isn’t working, she spends time at home with best friends Zipper and Petunia, their 12-year-old cats. She hadn’t tried to adopt cats; By the time her life had turned upside down. “My second marriage broke up,” she says. “We had two cats, and one of them died a few years ago. That was Clementine. We still had Betsy – and Betsy was a handful. She was beautiful, but she was nervous and kind of like a domesticated wildcat. “

Yeardley adopted her feline friends Zipper (left) and Petunia when they were around 8 to 10 weeks old. Although they are not littermates, they were linked in such a way that they were held together. Photo: AF Archives | Alamy Stock Image

Not wanting to upset the then 15-year-old Betsy further, Yeardley suggested that the cat should continue to live with her future ex-husband to keep them in familiar surroundings. Yeardley would visit us to maintain a relationship with Betsy. While Yeardley was buying gifts at the pet store for an upcoming visit to Betsy, he discovered Zipper and Petunia together in a cage at an adoption event. I said to myself, ‘No, no, no. I can’t. My life is in flux, ”she says. “But I couldn’t stop thinking about her, and two weeks later I went back to the pet store and the same adoption group had another adoptive day,” she continues. “And they came home with me.”

They have been a close family ever since. Yeardley built an elaborate cat gym – only for them to ignore it in favor of rolled-up sticky notes. Fortunately, it looks like a Danish sculpture, “because it’s literally hanging on the stairwell wall,” laughs Yeardley.

Yeardley’s love for cats extends beyond their home. A cat that lives in the Paperclip parking lot is in good hands. “We call them lilies of the valley.” She also got her name and donated money to animal welfare organizations like Best Friends and ASPCA. “I firmly believe I should give our furry friends the best chance,” she says. “Anything we can do to make their life a little better and more comfortable and to work with them. Just because we don’t speak their language is arrogant to think that their needs are less than ours. “

Your own cats inspire optimism. Zipper and Petunia run to their human when she comes home. Even Zipper, who went deaf a few years ago, somehow knows when Yeardley is coming home. “I love that kind of greeting, that love. It never wavers. I am so grateful for that. “

Featured photo: AF Archives | Alamy Stock Image

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