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What’s the best bait for bass in a pond? Try these five out

What’s the best bait for bass in a pond? It could be a spinner bait, it could be a crank bait, sometimes it is a chatterbait, often it is a jerkbait, rarely is it a buzz bait, and often it is a topwater bait or a plastic worm. Sooooo, the answer is: it depends on the time of year, the size of the pond, the amount of vegetation, the type of coastal cover, and whether you’ve been naughty or nice.

I’m just kidding the last part, but there are so many variables in ponds and ways to catch largemouth bass that it is worth it to be versatile and adaptable. You can do this if you focus on the following five best pond bass fishing lures and the times / situations that make them particularly shine.

1. A jerkbait for cold water fishing.

A floating or slowly rising minnow-shaped hard jerkbait is really effective when the water is cold and clear. Be patient, fish it with slow twitches, and watch for subtle strokes. In warmer waters, hard-fished ponds, and places where the bass is fussy, a soft plastic jerkbait can be a top producer.

2. A spinnerbait for spring and deep fish.

When the water warms up in spring and the bass becomes active in shallow water, the best bait for the bass in a pond is a spinnerbait. In dirty water and ponds with deep cover, try a heavier spinnerbait with a single large Indiana or Colorado blade that creates a lot of vibration.

3. A flat running crank bait in every season.

Most ponds are relatively shallow and have shallow fish most of the time. A crank lure 1 to 3 feet deep is perfect for pond fishing, especially if it is easily distracted by stumps and branches, has a good wobble effect, and is slow to be found again.

4. A plastic worm from mid-spring to early autumn.

There are many types of worms and ways to manipulate them. Texas rigs work well for hardcover. Weightless worms are good for slow fishing over submerged grass and around flooded coastal bushes.

5. A rubber leg gauge with a soft body pendant.

Whether you throw it at stumps and bushes from a short distance, or put it close to the ceiling, a stencil is subtle, good for all season fishing, and big enough to catch large fish, although it may not large number catches.

Honorable Mention of the Best Pond Bass Fishing Lures: Try a chatterbait in murky water and over submerged grass. a wobbly or walking surface plug, especially for early and late days around and near the cover; and a weed-free frog for fishing the sloping and matted vegetation.

There is no one universal “best bait” for bass in a pond. So don’t make the mistake of force-feeding the bass with your favorite bait. Know how to use these different baits and be ready to switch. And make sure you have your fishing license before you get to the pond.

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