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What if your cat’s health problems are not treated in a timely manner?

If your cat has an illness it may not be quick to let you know. Cats are notorious for hiding diseases that cat parents can find difficult to deal with. Fortunately, PrettyLitter offers a unique type of junk that can detect potential health concerns before it’s too late.

If your cat is using PrettyLitter, the litter may change color to indicate that you should see the vet. For the most part, it will look like typical urine, but it can also change color to reflect alkali, acidity, or even blood in your cat’s urine. What should you expect in this case?


If the litter turns a dark green or blue color after your cat has used it, it is a sign of high urine alkalinity. The amount of alkali in a substance is determined based on the pH. A high pH indicates a high level of alkali, which causes the waste to change color.

Highly alkaline in cat urine is often a sign of bladder crystal or bladder stone formations. The longer these are undiagnosed, the more painful it will be for your cat. Bladder stones and crystals usually occur when the natural minerals in your cat’s body aren’t processed properly. These crystals can make it difficult for your cat to urinate and can irritate your cat’s bladder.

Highly alkaline can lead to more serious concerns if the bladder stones or crystals are not treated immediately. Eventually, these stones can lead to extreme blockages that can cause the bladder to burst. So it is best to visit your vet as soon as you notice dark green or blue litter.

PrettyLitter litter box


Regular cat urine is usually yellow or olive green in color, but PrettyLitter can turn orange. This indicates a high acid content. Acid is the opposite of alkaline because it is present when the urine has a low pH. However, it can be just as risky.

High acid levels in cat urine can lead to metabolic acidosis or tubular kidney acidosis. As the name suggests, “acidosis” is a build-up of acid in your cat’s blood. The amount of acid in a cat’s body often depends on what it is eating. The more acid that builds up in your body, the more difficult it will be to help you heal.

Left untreated, these conditions can cause your cat’s health to deteriorate significantly. Your cat can experience significant weight, bone, and muscle loss. So orange litter is a sign that you should see your vet right away as well.

Colorful cat litter


Red waste is probably the most obvious health indicator as it means there is blood in the urine. Unfortunately, blood is the result of many common cat health concerns, including bladder stones, bladder infections, and urinary tract infections.

Blood in your cat’s urine has many concerns similar to high alkaline. The conditions associated with blood can eventually lead to extreme blockages or even tears in your cat’s bladder. Because blood has so many potential effects on your cat, you should always take your cat to the veterinarian if their litter turns red. After all, it is better to play it safe.

PrettyLitter bag

Regular cat litter may not alert you to potential health concerns, but PrettyLitter can change colors to identify alkali, acid, or blood. Some of these problems can be a matter of life and death for your cat if not addressed immediately. This is how PrettyLitter can let you know if something is wrong, so you have time to see your vet as soon as possible.

Do you want to make sure your cat stays healthy at all times? Then try PrettyLitter to keep an eye out for potential health issues. We are proud to have PrettyLitter as a partner, so now you can get 20% discount on your first month with the code BESTPET20!

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