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What cats really want for Christmas

The holidays are just around the corner and everyone is writing their letters to Santa Claus, hoping that they will find something special under the tree. Even cats have gift wish lists and would be happy to see their vacation dreams come true.

Here are six gifts cats would scrape on their Christmas lists, most of them unwrapped but highly sought after.

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A box of the month club makes an ideal cat gift

Cats and boxes go together like eggnog and fig pudding. Just as we humans enjoy a festive wine or a membership in the Jelly-of-the-Month-Club, cats would enjoy a Box-of-the-Month-Club. Imagine their joy of finding a brand new box on their doorstep every month – and the boxes would be empty and not contaminated with junk from their people’s online orders.

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Give your cat a broken faucet

Forget about an expensive cat fountain; Kittens are overjoyed when we forget to turn off a tap completely, and they can enjoy a little happy hour from the convenient height of the kitchen or bathroom counter. What’s better than that? A broken faucet that keeps dripping! It doesn’t fit easily into a stocking, but it’s one of those “adventure” gifts that make Santa look like a hero. We also save money on a repair person or expensive tools and plumbing parts. Double the profit!

Cat gifts

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Crumpled gift wrap is the perfect cat gift

Almost everyone likes to open presents on Christmas morning. We are of course looking forward to the contents of the pretty packages; However, cats prefer to dive into the wrinkled paper of the aftermath of opening gifts. The problem is, many of us thoughtless people immediately toss the discarded paper into a trash bag while cats sit on the edge.

Your cat would love a spycam

Cats like to know where we are at every moment of the day. Even when they are asleep, the switch on their cat radar flips and they can sense when we have entered their two favorite rooms: the kitchen and the bathroom. Kitties wouldn’t love anything more than a fancy spycam to follow us wherever we go outside the house. They could keep track of when we’re at the grocery store, peek at the shelves for cat treats, or (gasp for air!) Petting another cat.

Cat gifts

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A case of toilet paper

Some cats are quite the artists when they get the blank canvas of a toilet roll. Gifted kittens seem to show creative promise at a young age; However, mature cats have been known to create some legendary masterpieces in their ateliers (aka our bathrooms). These artistic cats would be overjoyed to find a suitcase with gift wrapping paper underneath the old one.
Christmas tree. Note for Santa Claus: single-layer rolls are perfectly acceptable for beginners, while double-layer rolls are reserved for experienced paws. If a cat’s medium is three-ply, then you should probably contact a gallery and arrange an exhibition right away.

Clones of us

Our kittens have a special relationship with us and usually prefer us to be in sight and earshot – you know in case there are any treats and noises related to treats or warm laundry. When we have to leave our homes (thoughts perish!) They feel completely lost. Well let’s face it – the lost feeling lasts about five minutes and then you’re in Napland. What if cats had access to a clone of yours? Even when we are not home, we are home. It sounds a bit sci-fi and maybe creepy, but what if? Imagine the joy of a cat in a world where we never leave home and are always there for you. We hear that Santa Claus has some pretty sophisticated factories up there in the North Pole, so you never know. And if a whole clone is impossible, identical reproductions of our rounds would be barely a second.

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