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Whale, whale, whale, time to wear a mask in the aquarium

Do I have to wear face covering when visiting the aquarium?

According to the new government guidelines, all visitors must wear face-covering inside the aquarium from Saturday August 8th.

Even our orca showed solidarity with all of our visitors. The question is, would a whale or a dolphin wear a mask over their mouth or over their cavities?

Who is exempt from carrying?

Children under the age of 11 are exempt, but if they want to wear one, they can.

We recognize that there are a variety of health conditions that result in some adults being exempt from wearing face covering. Those who are exempt are still welcome to visit the aquarium.

When do I put my face covering on?

Our welcome team will ask you to put on your mask before entering the aquarium. Please let us know at this point whether you cannot wear face covering.

Will the aquarium staff wear them?

All employees in front of the house wear either visors or face masks in the aquarium. If there are plexiglass screens at the checkouts, employees may not always wear face covering.

Masks can be purchased at any cash register at the NMA if you forget yours.

If you want to visit our aquarium you need to book your tickets online in advance.

If you have any questions before you visit, please visit our FAQ page here.

Thank you for supporting our charity.

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