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Use these effective fall fishing patterns for bass

If you’re looking for fall fishing tips that will help you catch more largemouth bass, the best way to learn is how to spot seasonal fishing patterns. If you pay close attention to the water temperature and the number of hours of daylight, you can make better predictions about the movements the bass is likely to make – giving you a greater chance of success in fall fishing.

When fishing in lakes or reservoirs, there are three fall fish patterns for perch that can give you clues as to where to find fish when the water temperature begins to drop. Keep in mind that these patterns can vary from region to region, but they do provide you with a starting point for fishing for largemouth bass in the fall.

  • Work crank bait at the mouth of streams in lakes and reservoirs in early autumn. Cooling water causes bait fish to migrate towards the arms of the stream, with the bass following closely behind. In early fall, focus on changes in depth or debris around the estuaries. When choosing bait, match your bait size to the size of the bait fish. Flat to medium weight crank baits can be a good choice in the fall. Use natural color patterns when fishing for bass in clear lakes. In cloudy lakes or reservoirs, choose lighter colors like chartreuse.
  • When mid-fall arrives, focus your bass fishing efforts higher up in creeks and bays. The bass will keep close to any type of cover to ambush unsuspecting shadows or bait fish that happen to swim by. Lipless crank lures in chrome or shade-mimicking colors, or spinnerbaits with willow leaves can work well if you fish further up the streams, around bays, and in the apartments.
  • In late fall, the bass moves back towards deeper holes and channels. If you’re fishing in the northern or central state lakes, one of the best tips for fall fishing in the later fall months is to focus on bypassing these transition zones with a jerkbait, deep-diving crank, or floating bait.

Boost your catch quotas by remembering these tips on how to identify bass catching patterns in the fall. The change of season brings cooler temperatures with it, but there are plenty of opportunities to find fish that are eating and on their way to their winter quarters – be sure to renew your freshwater fishing license before you set off!

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