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Two adorable ginger kittens steal every heart in the foster family

Ruby and Max are tiny ginger kittens who were alone under a house. When her mother did not return, her desperate cries alarmed the homeowner. Thankfully, the person knew exactly where to turn and took the babies to Best Friends Animal Rescue in northwest Arkansas.

Best friends turned to Paws of Oz for help caring for the little kittens as they needed a skilled caregiver who could help them grow strong for a home forever. Holly Brookhouser, Paws of Oz director and foster mother, told Love Meow, “They needed a bottle feeder, so I picked them up. I couldn’t say no. “

One look at these adorable kitties and nobody could say no!

@ pawsofoz / Instagram

Max and Ruby, spoiled and loved

Judging by the cute pictures on Paws of Oz’s Instagram feed, it seems that no one in the Brookhouser family can resist Ruby and Max.

Zaki, the cat, “must have been curious about the” mini-selves “that have invaded his room!”

@ pawsofoz / Instagram

Rigby, despite being a handsome tabby gentleman, was “officially in mom mode and loved it!”

@ pawsofoz / Instagram

Zaki and Rigby, “just a couple of foster fathers hanging out with their foster kittens” …

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And the cats weren’t the only ones Max and Ruby found just too cute!

Holly shared what she called, “My all-time favorite scenarios in a shot – older dogs and orphaned kittens.” Older dog Jack doesn’t seem to mind playing kittens either!

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Mini the dog also enjoyed some cuddling, “but she draws the line when licking her ears!”

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Holly also said, “All of my carers get a lot of love and attention, but these two have been by my side from day one in my room. They sleep with us now and I can’t stand how cute it is to see them cuddle my husband in the middle of the night! “

@ pawsofoz / Instagram

@ pawsofoz / Instagram

“Max and Ruby must be the most spoiled babies I’ve ever had!”

Tied siblings

Max and Ruby are more than siblings. The two have grown into a connected couple who loved exploring their nursing home together. With all the exploration and fighting, the orange duo kept everyone in the house entertained and no one could resist when the ginger babies curled up and purred to sleep.

And the best news of all?

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It wasn’t long before the brother-sister duo caught the attention of their eternal family. After the couple’s antics on social media, they knew Ruby and Max should be part of their family. They have now settled in and live happily ever after.

Another miracle story of adoption!

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