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Tips on Safe Fishing and Boating This Summer

As the boating season approaches this year, there are some extra safe fishing and boating tips to keep in mind. Follow local boating guidelines, monitor boat ramp closures in your area, and follow best practices for social distancing on the water.

Is It Safe to Boate and Practice Social Distancing on the Water with Your Family? The answer is yes, as long as you check out the COVID-19 government agency updates and use the following tips:

  • Pack your fishing and boating gear in good timeand avoid stopping at the store on the way to the marina or launch pad.
  • Make sure you Have a copy of your boating license or Boater Education Card if required by your state. You should also have a copy of your boat registration in a safe place on board.
  • Avoid boat or fishing trips to extremely remote or remote locations This could pose additional challenges in an emergency. These situations can strain the health infrastructure of small rural communities.
  • Bring hand sanitizer. Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands as soon as possible after touching something that may have been touched by someone else, such as a baby shower. B. a marina lock or door handles. Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, as per CDC guidelines.
  • Check if all Boat safety requirements for your state were hit. For example, do you have enough PFDs for each person on board? Do you have a sound generating device? Do you have a full first aid kit and a marine safety kit (including a personal location signal or EPIRB, torches, marine radio, flashlight)?
  • Also means part of safe boating during these times social distancing from other boaters when you refuel your boat and load it at the marina or at the ramp.
  • Be sure to Think of some launch pads or fishing spots as alternative options in your area. That way, when you arrive at a busy ramp or marina, you can avoid the crowds and head to a different location.
  • Do not raft with other boats or go to a beach near other boats.
  • Limit your boat trips to immediate family members in your own household. As much as we’d like to share our love for boating with others, wait until we get past these social distancing invitations.
  • Avoid sharing sunscreen, Sunscreen, or other personal care products. Prepare for your day on the water by bringing your own.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing your boat and cleaning your fishing equipment after every trip.
  • Allow a lot Space between boats, vehicles and other boaters when leaving the ramp.
  • Unpack what you have packed. In other words, dispose of all waste in suitable garbage cans on the ramp or in the marina.

Follow these safe fishing and boating tips to not only keep yourself and your family safe during this time, but also to keep your fellow anglers and boaters safe. Together we can all contribute to safer boating and fishing practices this summer. For more information, see Discover Boating’s Boating during the COVID-19 Safety Guide for more information about onboard safety.

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