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Tiny big-eyed kitten came home with his brother, it turned out to be the cutest couple

A big-eyed little kitten found a friendly family to help him and his connected brother thrive.

Patricia Lika

Patricia Lika, a caregiver (based in Las Vegas) who specializes in critical kittens, was contacted about two cat brothers in need of 24/7 intensive care. The kittens were rescued from a local animal shelter with their mother who could not feed them.

“I got a request for help for the two babies who had an infection, had multiple mouth pain and couldn’t really eat, so I picked them up,” said Patricia. “They are both so valuable and deserve a chance so we will fight for them.”

The kittens were started treatment immediately and placed in a comfortable incubator to regulate their body temperature. Hampton, the little tabby with two big eyes, asked for constant attention and comfort. He was determined to stay close to his caretaker.

Patricia Lika

Hampton cried incessantly until he was picked up and cuddled. To meet his many demands, Patricia put it in a pouch so she could carry it around like a baby kangaroo while she passed her day.

“He was a little weak when he arrived, but with his regulated sugar level, some antibiotics and his loving care, he’s well on the way to becoming little chonker.”

Patricia Lika

His trouble, Hudson, was having a harder time recovering. Although the little guy was very weak and frail, he never gave up. “I didn’t think he would make it the first night and I was really scared, but he’s a fighter,” added Patricia.

While the tabby boy was improving quickly, his energy on his brother seemed worn out.

Patricia Lika

A few days later, Hudson perked up and his appetite increased too. With little Hampton’s encouragement, the two got more active and louder day by day.

“Hampton and Hudson are doing fantastic. Hudson has made such an improvement. He’s a completely different kitten – he’s alert, running around, playful, and loves to eat. Both of them are such happy babies who just keep purring and rubbing their tummies turn around, “said Patricia.

Patricia Lika

The brothers begin to explore the incubator. They sit side by side on the railing and watch their foster mother prepare their meals.

They enjoy watching Patricia very carefully as she fixes her food, as if making sure the bottle or syringe is filled to the brim.

Patricia Lika

Although Hampton the Tabby is a petite kitten, besides those big eyes he has a big personality.

Hampton insists on being the first baby to have his meal, and Hudson is always patiently waiting for his turn.

Patricia Lika

Whenever they get new toys from their foster mother, the brothers inspect them together and never wander far apart.

Hudson, the quieter of the two, is as cute as can be. He follows his brother’s example and always looks up to him. The couple have come this far since the day they were taken to their nursing home.

Patricia Lika

Little Hampton requests to be cuddled whenever Patricia is available and doesn’t take no for an answer. When serving food, the confident tabby prefers to be hand-lifted while sitting comfortably in Patrick’s arms.

“Hampton likes to be held like a baby when he eats so he can feel your closeness. Even when he’s not eating, he nurses on the bottle and loves his motherhood,” said Patricia.

Patricia Lika

With a second chance in life, the two brothers make progress every day and are well on their way to a bright future.

“I’m so happy to be the foster mom for these little munchkins,” said Patricia.

Patricia Lika

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