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The unflattering Cat Photo Challenge proves that even the worst picture of a cat is still pretty good

We think cats are pretty adorable no matter what they do. Even if the camera captures them in an extremely flattering moment, cat lovers still think these crazy snaps are the cutest thing ever!

One recent Twitter challenge is to celebrate those bad cat pics with the #UnflatteringCatPhotoChallege. The posts are just as fun as you’d expect!

Get ready to laugh at those amazingly unflattering photos of cats …

Flattering cat photo challenge

Oops! You got me!

@ Titmousie / Twitter

I have been preparing for this moment all my life.

@ velociraptisart / Twitter

I like to call this her “awkward school photo smile”.

@ nattydelightful / Twitter

She is not a cute eater …

@ BerBerGal1 / Twitter

“No caption” for this powder of the unflattered …

@ Titmousie / Twitter

My Willie’s template for her #unflatteringcatphotochallenge.

@ HollidaysStache / Twitter

Meowsers’ Tinder profile picture …

@ kittysmith_ / Twitter

OK that #unflatteringcatphotochallenge is absolutely hysterical, but I haven’t seen anything stop a candle from basically developing into a snake when my cat yawns …

@ genevievemitch / Twitter

I mean, I would like to take part #unflatteringcatphotochallenge But there has never been a picture of me in which I am not worthy and handsome.

Royal Society for Petting Good Boys / Twitter

It is #unflatteringcatphotochallenge Tag and my human had the NERVE to post this picture. It looks like I’m so chonky that I can’t get up !!!! Oh, he’ll pay for it.

@ Scout0416 / Twitter

There is no such thing as a flattering cat image !!! And Frankie wins …

@ TheHardyBoyCats / Twitter

Sometimes even the cool cat lacks movement.

@ Fictionforreal / Instagram

Mr. Snow has many contributions to make # unflattering catphotochallenge …

@ IntegresS_250 / Twitter

Freyja tries desperately to let a moth fly over her!

@ VikingJen / Twitter

Both Instagram and Facebook users got into the flattering fun!

Still one of my favorite FurrElise pictures. Usually it’s very photogenic. Not this time. One day we’re going to print it out and frame it.

@ Rexdarr / Instagram

Sometimes you have to be one with the fud …

Young Williams Animal Center / Facebook

Badrock undoubtedly wins this whole challenge lmao

Apollo Scott / Facebook

“Whipped cream feels” = flattering cat photo that’s still too cute!

@ adventure_von_memaw_kitty / Instagram

My baby gizmo gives me material every other day. He really is grëmlin.

Courtney Diggins / Facebook

Mom says I’m a very cute girl no matter what!

@ muffin_the_calico_cat / Instagram

While Alfie is usually a cute cake, he can snore a storm.

@ Carryinfitness / Instagram

Sit a little.

Allison Proctor / Facebook

These cats may be caught in flattering angles, but we know the truth of their cuteness. Cats are adorable even in their silliest form!

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Feature Image: @ IntegresS_250 / Twitter & @ HollidaysStache / Twitter

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