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The rescue dog hit by the car takes thousands of dollars to recover

Christine Moran’s two dogs, Luke and Lucy, are her life. She loves you more than you could ever know. If any of them are injured, she will do anything to save them. So far, the rescue pups have lived happy and healthy lives. That is, until one day Luke got a little too curious.

A car hit the puppy as he set off to begin his own adventure. His numerous injuries were severe, but Moran knew she could save him. She just had to find a way to get the cash for his medical bills.

Image: Luke LucyLu Moran Facebook

Too much curiosity

Luke was rescued from the Southamptom Animal Shelter in New York when he was a little puppy. Like most puppies, he was always curious and playful. But now his curiosity got him into trouble.

“Our cute boy Luke got hit by a car on Roanoke Avenue in Riverhead after curiosity got the best out of him and somehow he got out of our fenced-in yard,” said Moran.

Poor Luke had injuries to his lungs, hips and shoulders. He spent a lot of time waiting in an oxygen tank until his lungs were strong enough to have an operation. His lungs are better now, but he still has a broken shoulder. Moran says he needs a plate in his shoulder. His care and recovery may take a long time, but the vets are confident he will survive.

Image: Luke LucyLu Moran Facebook

Help Luke recover!

Vets estimate Luke’s medical bills could reach up to $ 10,000. But, of course, Moran believes that keeping her beloved puppy safe is worth it. She has already received a loan of around $ 5,000 but she knows she will need a lot more to cover it all. That’s why she asked friends, family, and other dog lovers for support.

“The estimates we received are over $ 8,000,” Moran wrote on GoFundMe. “But Luke will do it. Doctors believe that he will have a long and full life after the operation. Family, friends, and animal lovers who have offered help can do so here. We love you for your friendship, care and love. We look forward to holding our boy Luke in our arms again and receiving his kisses. “

Image: Luke LucyLu Moran Facebook

If you’d like to help Luke recover, please donate to his GoFundMe. Moran still needs a few thousand dollars to reach her goal, so every donation makes a difference. Hopefully Luke will recover quickly and successfully!

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Featured image: Luke LucyLu Moran Facebook

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