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The K team

David Rosenfelt is a very busy guy! In addition to releasing a new book in the Andy Carpenter series (Muzzled) with The K Team, he’s debuting a new spin-off series that includes some familiar faces.

Retired Police Officer Corey Douglas and his also retired K-9 partner, a German Shepherd named Simon Garfunkel; Laurie Collins, ex-Paterson, NJ, PD and Andy’s wife; and the unfathomable Marcus Clark, an exceptional investigator, make up the newly formed K-Team, private investigators who can be hired.

The team’s first customer is a surprise to everyone: Judge Henry “Hatchet” Henderson. The judge, a proverbial pillar of the community and one of the straightest arrows in the Paterson Bank, is being blackmailed, and he needs the K-Team to find out by whom and for what reason. He demands absolute confidentiality and refuses to involve the police.

When the blackmailer increases the pressure, the judge rebels and tells his tormentor to stop and stop. Then he turns on his television and discovers that an alleged sex scandal in which he is the lead actor is the main story on CNN national news.

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When their client dies, apparently by his own hand, Andy becomes the team’s second client. Although he didn’t like Judge Henderson, he respected him and was outraged that someone seemed to get away with murder – the judge, it turned out, along with several others.

A secondary plot involves Corey Douglas’ reluctantly growing bond with a woman who seems perfect for him – which sure means that it is a bad idea to get involved with her. The way he warps up to avoid a perfectly comfortable relationship is amusing and eases a litany of duplicity and death.

As is so often the case, Rosenfelt builds a multi-layered storyline that includes Cayman Island bank accounts, high-tech gadgets, financial skull digging, and a villain playing an extremely long game. Keeping up with the twists and turns is half the fun.

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