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The family found stray cats and their newborn kittens on their patio and knew they had to help

One family found a cat and their newborn kittens on their outdoor patio and knew they had to help.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

A stray cat showed up in a neighborhood in south Texas and headed for a family home. She surprised the residents with a litter of newborns on her outdoor terrace.

After asking various neighbors if they had seen the cat before, no one recognized it or came to demand it. “It’s almost like the cat sensed that it needed human help to keep its babies safe, so they figured out a way to go about it,” Coastal Bend Cat Rescue’s Lindsay Haglund told Love Meow.

The friendly family could not leave them without safe protection. When they noticed the cat was starting to move their kittens under their house, the family stepped in and took them inside.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

They offered the mother cat some food, water, and a comfortable area to protect her babies, and then contacted Coastal Bend Cat Rescue (a rescue operation in Corpus Christi, Texas) in hopes of taking care of the cat family to let that which they needed flourish.

“They asked our care bed for help and secured a nursing home for mom to raise her babies,” added Lindsay.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

Mary, a volunteer for the rescue, greeted them in their loving home. The mother cat named Pumpkin was initially a little confused about her new dig and tried to move her kittens around her nursing room.

It protects its small bundles of fur very much and keeps them secure and tight at all times.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

“Foster Mom Mary had to weigh the kittens every day to make sure they all stayed healthy, but once a baby kitten was placed on the scale, Mama Pumpkin walked straight over and gently lifted it in her mouth to move it back to her cozy place Nesting place, “said Lindsay Love Meow.

“She was very stubborn about her babies being moved! But she was so cute and loving that her antics really made our team laugh.”

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

All kittens were extremely small at birth, most likely born prematurely. One of the smaller kittens (Acorn) lost its fight despite massive efforts to save it. The other three (butternut, patty pan, and zucchini) pulled through and put on weight.

Momma Pumpkin is fully devoted to her remaining kittens and making sure they continue to thrive.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

Sweet Pumpkin came out of their shell and grown to really enjoy the company of their foster family. She loves to be petted and fell in love and is no longer afraid to ask for attention.

“She has turned into the cutest house cat and our team is thrilled.”

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

“She was an amazingly dedicated mother cat to her babies, who are officially six weeks old this week! Mother and babies are repaired after nursing the kittens and then put up for adoption (around Thanksgiving),” Lindsay told Love Meow.

The kittens are getting more playful every day, but they are always under the watchful eye of Momma Pumpkin.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

“Being a mother cat is a difficult task and so many stray female cats go through life giving birth to litter after litter unless they are neutered.

“Our team is a big advocate of spay / neuter surgery, which improves cat life and health, stops the cycle, and benefits the community.”

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

Pumpkin and their adorable pumpkin patch kittens thrive in care.

The loving mother cat and her little mini-self love to cuddle up in their cozy “cave” and fall asleep together.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

The feline siblings begin to waddle and wrestle with their legs and paws.

In the weeks that follow, the kittens will learn to be more independent as they continue to improve their feline skills.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

The tabby came home to have her kittens. Now you don’t have to worry about a day on the street.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

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