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The best knot to tie the braid to the mono leader depends on these factors

In general, the Double Uni Knot is considered to be the best knot to tie the braid to the mono guide. While the Double Uni Knot is one of the easiest line-to-line connections to use with two lines of relatively similar diameter, there are a few other knots that you might want to try out in certain situations.

Do you fish with light gear?

Many anglers believe that the best knot for mono braiding is the Bristol knot. The Bristol Knot is easy to tie, runs smoothly through the rod guides and is often considered a better choice over the Double Uni when fishing with a light line or tippet.

Do you fish with a heavy braid?

In this case you can use the FG node. This knot has grown in popularity in recent years for good reason. The FG knot is one of the strongest fishing knots that can be used when jigging or banging with heavy braid and pulling.

Do you fish with a heavy monofilament leader?

If so, you may want to learn how to tie the Alberto knot. This knot is often called the best mono-braid knot when connecting lines of different diameters.

Do you throw heavy line

If you want to tie a low profile knot that has a lot of strength but also slides easily through your rod guides, consider using the Slim Beauty Knot to tie the braid to the mono guide. This is an excellent knot for joining lines of two different materials and diameters.

While there are many different knots you can learn how to tie, the best knot to tie the braid to the mono guide also depends on how quickly and securely you can tie it. To prepare for your next fishing trip, buy your fishing license online and practice tying a few new braids on mono knots.

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