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The 15 year old cat goes to a friendly neighbor for help after being left outside

A cat went to a friendly neighbor for help after being left outside when it was almost 15 years old.

Denah from Friends for Life Rescue Network

Addie, the cat-loving German Shepherd Dog, was an admirer of Trixie, the Abyssinian cat who lived on the street behind her house. “Trixie was a house cat my dog ​​loved through a window for years,” Denah, Addie’s owner, told Love Meow.

Last Monday, Denah was surprised to learn that Trixie was wandering around outside alone. Her neighbor recognized the cat and let her return to the owner.

The next day at dawn, Denah was walking her dog when Addie pointed out something under a car. “It was Trixie. I called her and she walked right up to me even when Addie was crying to be with her.”

Addie the German ShepherdDenah @ yuf.hb.

“I picked it up and it immediately started purring,” added Denah.

The older cat somehow ended up unattended outside again. Denah took Trixie to her garage to give her something to eat and drink. The cat was hungry but appeared to be under stress. She shot away shortly after the food peeled off.

Denah from Friends for Life Rescue Network

At this point, Denah asked her local rescue team, the Friends for Life Rescue Network (in Southern California), for help.

They were able to get in touch with the owner, who was immediately ready to sign Trixie for the rescue. Denah took the cute cat to the vet to have her checked out.

Denah from Friends for Life Rescue Network

They found that the older girl no longer had many teeth or claws and could no longer take care of herself outdoors. Although she was a little nervous at the vet, she purred with Denah by her side, assuring her that she was safe.

“Trixie is a miracle she could survive on the street for so long without teeth or claws,” Jacqueline DeAmor, co-founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network, told Love Meow. “Without hesitation, I said we would take her to our rescue and find her a loving home forever.”

Denah from Friends for Life Rescue Network

Denah noticed that Trixie wasn’t putting any weight on her legs and took a closer look. As it turned out, the cute Abyssinian had a bite wound that was probably caused by another animal.

Thanks to the timely rescue, the cat heals well and can finally relax. “I was broken that she was forced to live on the streets. She deserved the world and I wanted to make sure she got it,” said Jacqueline.

Trixie the Abyssinian cat Denah from Friends for Life Rescue Network

After a hearty, healthy meal, Trixie lay down next to her savior and purred a storm. She quickly settled in her new room and felt so comfortable again to be a house cat.

Check out Trixie and her journey in this video:

Trixie the cat www.youtube.com

“Trixie was the cutest, calmest and most loving thing I have ever had on me,” Denah told Love Meow.

Denah from Friends for Life Rescue Network

Trixie officially turned 15 yesterday and celebrated her birthday with Denah and her family. She was so pleased with her favorite food, comfortable beds, and lots of pets. Their happy rumble echoed across the room.

The sweet elderly woman may have a permanent disapproving face, but within that sassy exterior she is as sweet and loving as possible.

Denah from Friends for Life Rescue Network

As soon as Trixie is finished, she will look for a wonderful home to spend her golden years in.

“She is loved, safe inside, and medically healthy,” said Jacqueline. “Now she has a chance to find someone who will appreciate her.”

Denah from Friends for Life Rescue Network

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