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Sweet Kitten insists on being taken anywhere after he’s been rescued

A kitten with the cutest face insists on being carried anywhere after being rescued.

Murphy’s safe haven

Audrey, a 14-year-old animal rescuer and carer for Murphy’s Safe Haven, came across a post about a kitten in need of a home. She stepped in immediately to rescue him, to make sure the little one was getting the medical care he needed and the best chance of finding a good home.

Audrey immediately noticed the kitten’s crevice. When he came to the rescue, she found that he also had signs of cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological condition that affects the cat’s motor skills. “We found he couldn’t walk properly and would fall over,” Audrey told Love Meow.

Even though the kitten was a little wobbly, it didn’t seem to know it was any different. “He was a bit confused (at first), but quickly became very playful and friendly.”

Murphy’s safe haven

As soon as Audrey picked him up, the little bundle of fluff instantly turned into a love bow and melted in her arms. He was eager to get his new friend’s attention and insisted on being cuddled and in love.

“He started purring, making sure all the attention was on him,” said Audrey.

Oink the shaky kitten with a cleft lip in Murphy’s Safe Haven

The kitten they named Oink was all cleaned up and given a clean health certificate. Despite his rift, eating wasn’t a problem for the little guy as he peeled off his food like a champion.

Oink was an affectionate little kitten and demands to be rocked like a baby when given a chance. When he discovers an empty round, he fills it and keeps it warm.

Murphy’s safe haven

As long as Audrey is around, the kitten feels satisfied and safe. “He’s so playful and loves attention. He’ll meow on the door until I wear him,” Audrey shared with Love Meow.

The little wobbly kitten loves people and other animals in the house. He’s made an unlikely friend with a pet rat, and the two get along well.

Murphy’s safe haven

Whenever Audrey is at the computer doing schoolwork, Oink is right there to keep her company and be her perfect little assistant.

Its purr echoes across the room, producing the most soothing and uplifting sound.

Murphy’s safe haven

Oink may be a bit shaky, but it doesn’t affect his quality of life. He may fall or fall at times, but he keeps getting up and trying again.

Murphy’s safe haven

The cute kitten is an expert at getting what it wants and doesn’t take no for an answer. He will look into your eyes and scream at you until you give in – a very convincing kitten.

Murphy’s safe haven

“Oink’s favorite thing to do is cuddle up in bed. He loves to go to sleep when it’s time so he can curl up on my chest,” Audrey told Love Meow.

At night, Audrey waddles in front of her face with a little needy buddy as she rumbles with his adorable purr. Oink is the perfect little companion before bed.

Murphy’s safe haven

Now in the morning Audrey wakes up to a wild ginger fur ball, plays with toys and uses his unbridled energy to create antics. He won’t let anything stop him.

Murphy’s safe haven

Nothing makes him happier than being cuddled in a warm blanket in Audrey’s arms. He’ll turn on his cord motor while he can sleep blissfully.

Murphy’s safe haven

The cute wobbly kitten thrives in caring for and loves its VIP life with its people.

“He’s perfect in my eyes. We’re going to give little Oink the best life ever!”

Murphy’s safe haven

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