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Study shows where cat lovers live

It’s no secret that Britons love their cats, and a recent study shows which British city has the highest honors for most cat lovers in the UK.

But that’s not all we learned from a survey of 2,000 Brits about cats. Thanks to the Association of Dog and Cat Shelters, we are learning more and more about how people really deal with cats. As cat lovers, we’re not surprised by some of these facts, but it’s nice to hear from like-minded people!

Let’s look at the cat data …

What is the favorite city in the UK that loves cats?

The port city of Plymouth has been recognized for the most cat lovers in a British city. Fun Facts About Plymouth: This is where pilgrims boarded the Mayflower and sailed for America in 1620. Today there is a population in Plymouth that is mostly cats. 66.1% of the population say they love cats!

The city of Brighton took a close second spot with 66% of the population making fun of cats. The other cities in the top ten are also English cities, which means England is the place for cat lovers!

Here are the 15 best UK cities with a cat-loving population:

  1. Plymouth – 66.1%
  2. Brighton – 66%
  3. Nottingham – 63%
  4. Sheffield – 61%
  5. Southampton – 59%
  6. London – 58%
  7. Norwich – 58%
  8. Manchester – 57%
  9. Bristol – 55%
  10. Birmingham – 55%
  11. Liverpool – 53%
  12. Edinburgh – 53%
  13. Glasgow – 51%
  14. Leeds – 49%
  15. Newcastle – 49%

Sad fact

This 2,000-person study found something that is making the 2020 coronavirus pandemic increasingly difficult to deal with. Humans were twice as likely to abandon cats as dogs during lockdown.

Rachel Andre, CEO of Sustainable Cat Litter Company, Natusan, said, “It’s sad to hear that the nation’s cats had a tough deal during the lockdown, especially as we know there is a strong contingent of responsible cat lovers and pet parents across the country gives those who go the extra mile to put their cats first. “

More facts revealed

The Association of Dogs and Cats Homes study also revealed these facts:

  • 17% of the respondents said they were cat lovers, 33% were dog lovers
  • 31% of people say they love both cats and dogs, while 17% don’t care about any
  • 24% of cat lovers said their cat was their best buddy
  • 35% of cat lovers said their cats help them through difficult times
  • 22% of cat parents said that their cat understood them
  • 23% of cat lovers believe their cats have a sense of loyalty that goes deeper than a human’s

Animal behaviorist Professor Peter Neville has noted a change in households when it comes to pets. With these survey results, there is no doubt that cats are on the rise. He explains, “The number of pet cats has grown faster than the number of dogs over the past decade, which shows that cats may not be the underdogs for long.”

As cat lovers, we think this message is the cat’s meow!

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