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Stray kitten found covered in oil reveals its beautiful coat and has turned its life around

A kitten was found covered in dirt and oil and was saved in time by friendly people.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

About a month ago, a Good Samaritan from South Gate, California found a kitten all alone. He was covered in engine oil, dirt, and fleas and was extremely malnourished.

The kind person took the little stray dog ​​to safety and asked social media for help. A groomer from One 4 One Grooming and More picked him up, gave him food and water, and tried to help him rehydrate.

Knowing that the kitten needed immediate medical attention, they sent appeals to the local rescue workers in the hope that someone could help the kitten.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

Friends for Life Rescue Network, an animal rescue service in Southern California, stepped in to help. “We thought he was about four weeks old, but he was actually seven weeks old and only weighed a pound,” Jacqueline DeAmor, co-founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network, told Love Meow.

The dog groomer gave the kitten a much needed bath. They were stunned by what they saw after removing the grease and grime from his coat.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

The little guy turned completely into a kitten with white fur. When he arrived in foster homes the next day, they quickly discovered that he had a variety of health problems.

The kitten named Laszlo became extremely weak, dehydrated and could barely hold food in its tiny body. He fell and had to be taken to an ambulance.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

The little fighter was in and out of the hospital, fetching infusion fluids and hanging on with all his might. Despite being so frail, he meowed at his caregiver as if to say he wanted to live.

Jacqueline took him in so Laszlo could receive intensive care around the clock. The kitten had little strength and no appetite, so she fed him with a syringe and supplied him with nutritional supplements.

They turned on the heater for his room and covered the area with soft blankets so the kitten could stay warm.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

Within 24 hours, Laszlo perked up and started eating alone. He even sought attention and pets from his caretakers as if to thank them for saving his life.

After several hospital stays and examination by four vets, the kitten eventually bounced back on its paws and turned a new leaf.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

“He was playful and no longer lying on the bowl of water because he was dehydrated. After a few days he put on weight regularly and a week later he came completely out of the forest and returned to his foster family,” shared Jacqueline Love with Miau.

Watch the kitten’s journey in this video:

Kitten and His Amazing Recovery www.youtube.com

“We don’t know what was going on as every test was negative, but he’s doing great now. He’s a very energetic boy now.”

The kitten with blue eyes and white fur was found to be deaf in both ears. But he can do everything just like other cats, and he won’t let anything stop him.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

Laszlo has regained his great appetite and is quickly catching up with the weight he should be for his age. He’s released his unbridled energy and will try to catch any moving thing with so much bullshit and vivacity.

“We couldn’t really gauge his real personality when he was feeling so sick, but now that he’s healthy we can report that he’s absolutely banan. He’s a little wild thing,” said Kaitlyn Hemphill, foster mother Love meow.

cute, kitten, paws, bean beansFriends for Life Rescue Network

“He can literally run around the room at full speed for hours without getting tired,” added Kaitlyn. “If we catch him in a milder mood, he’s a super cute little guy and a big purr machine.”

Now that he’s back to playing and acting like a healthy, feral kitten, he’s constantly on the lookout for things to pounce on.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

Laszlo likes to chase people’s feet and playfully attack them when they try to walk past him. He likes to scurry around the room like he’s on a race track.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

“He’s a really fun little guy! We’re so glad he got through and is healthy and happy,” said Kaitlyn.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

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