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Stray kitten appeared on the family’s doorstep, now their dream has come true

A stray kitten that showed up on a family’s doorstep has now made her dream come true.

Orphanage Montreal

A family from Montreal, Canada one day discovered a stray kitten wandering around in front of their home. They gave her something to eat and the kitten kept coming back.

The calico waited on the doorstep for dinner every evening. She eventually warmed herself to the people who were kind to her and stayed outside at her door at night.

The family inquired in their neighborhood, but no one came to claim them. They decided to seek help for the little stray dog, hoping to get her to a safe home, away from the outdoors.

Orphanage Montreal

They asked their local rescue team, Chatons Orphelins Montréal, for help. The kitten, named Grenadine, was taken to the vet and given the medical help she urgently needed.

“She was being treated for fleas and scabs. We searched her for a microchip, but she didn’t have one,” said Chatons Orphelins Montréal Love Meow.

Orphanage Montreal

Grenadine was a bit shy at first, but slowly began to trust when she realized that she was in good hands with a dedicated volunteer, Marielyne, to look after her.

The cute calico moved to her nursing home, where she was given a quiet room. Slowly but surely she came out of her shell and gained more confidence. “You could tell that she was having a hard time living on the street and that she needed more patience and time.”

Orphanage Montreal

Over the next few weeks in foster care, the cute calico grew to enjoy the company of her humans and the resident cats. She was calm but a great observer and always wanted to know what was going on.

“She loves to watch her day go by and has very expressive ears,” said Chatons Orphelins Montréal. “She is sweet and loving and wants to be in the same room with her people.”

Calico, cat, kitten, beautifulOrphanage Montreal

After a difficult start, the Kaliko was ready for their next chapter in life – to find their own place.

Check out Grenadine’s journey in this cute video:

Kalikokatzenreise www.youtube.com

After waiting for weeks, Grenadine finally made her dream come true when a family picked her up from the rescue and welcomed her to their loving home.

She has developed into a cuddle bug and likes to follow her people around the house as her designated supervisor.

Orphanage Montreal

She’ll snuggle up to her people when they sit down to watch TV. The cute cat enjoys her life as a house cat and is the focus of attention.

Cuddle, calico cat, cuteOrphanage Montreal

Grenadine loves all the little things in life – toys, food, soft blankets and warm people.

She sits by the window every day to watch Cat TV (her favorite form of entertainment) and falls asleep in the warmth of the sun.

Orphanage Montreal

The calico has evolved into a playful, curious, confident cat who loves to run around the house chasing laser beams.

When she finds a soft blanket, knead it off and make the cutest cookies while purring a storm.

Orphanage Montreal

The former stray is now a happy house cat with an everlasting family that pampers it and loves it to pieces.

Orphanage Montreal

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