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Stray cats will walk out the front door and ask to be let in so they can have their kittens

Two bound stray cats appeared outside an apartment. They asked to be let in so they could have their kittens.

Gianna Llewellyn

A month ago, Gianna Llewellyn and her roommates (Christie and Rob) moved to their new apartment in Brooklyn, New York. Little did they know they would soon be greeted by a pair of tied cats.

“A friendly (10 month old) orange and black kitten wandered around the back yard,” Gianna told Love Meow. “They were curious about newcomers and quickly became friends after we gave them scraps of salmon from dinner.”

The two cat friends (affectionately called Miso and Suki) were hip together and even walked together. “They sat on the windowsill while Miso (orange cat) cleaned Suki (black cat). They were always in view.”

Gianna Llewellyn

In the first few days, the two love birds appeared in the morning and in the evening and meowed for food. After getting used to receiving food service from their new acquaintances, they decided to stick with pets and head scratchers longer. Eventually they made the back yard their home.

“Soon they started sleeping on the windowsill all night and lounging in the back yard all day,” shared Gianna Love Meow. “They would follow us even when we were outside.”

Gianna Llewellyn

Miso, the spokesman for the two, went to the front door and asked to be admitted. He chatted to a storm as if to say they were ready to be house cats. “We found that Suki’s belly, although so thin, was slightly larger than Miso’s. She was always lying down,” said Gianna.

They suspected Suki might be pregnant when she was looking for a nesting site at night. “We made the decision to take them to the vet just in case. We captured them both, which wasn’t difficult at all. They let us take them in as if they were already our pets.”

Gianna Llewellyn

The vet visit confirmed that Suki actually expected it and the babies were expected in a few weeks. It’s likely that Miso is the kittens father.

On this day the two cat friends entered their new home and explored each other as a duo. “We started with one room at a time so that they weren’t overly stimulated. At night they curled up happily and with a full stomach at the foot of the bed.”

Gianna Llewellyn

Gianna turned to Little Wanderers NYC for help. Voluntary rescue has stepped up to cover all medical expenses for the deserving small family and will check, neuter / neuter the kittens and find a good home for them when they are big enough to be adopted. “We face challenges together and that is the spirit that we must deal with and help any cats we encounter,” said Little Wanderers.

Miso was spayed and vaccinated, and he and his soulmate quickly got used to indoor living. “These cats had become a part of us and we wanted to make sure their babies found loving homes,” added Gianna.

Gianna Llewellyn

Suki went into labor almost two weeks ago. Whenever she went into labor, Miso would check her to see if she was okay. The soon-to-be cat father tried to give mom room, but kept coming back to the nest to cheer her on.

Check out Suki and Miso in this cute video:

Cats find a home for their kittens www.youtube.com

“I think his presence comforted her.”

The cute mother cat gave birth to seven healthy kittens who would never have to spend a day on the street. Miso let his best friend concentrate on breastfeeding the babies and wouldn’t bother them.

Gianna Llewellyn

“He’ll look at the kittens and sniff them curiously from time to time. These are the rare moments when he’s quiet.”

Suki was a great mother who took care of all of her babies’ needs. “She’s exhausted from all of her crying babies, but very motherly to them. She’s still playing or hanging out with miso, but every hour she licks her kittens awake to remind them to eat.”

Gianna Llewellyn

Little Wanderers NYC accepts 10-15 cats and kittens weekly due to the large number of animals in need in the metropolitan area. They keep looking for volunteers so that more cats like this family of nine have the chance of a better life.

The kittens have just opened their eyes and are now working to figure out their legs.

Gianna Llewellyn

Miso worships his best friend and enjoys every opportunity to play with her, scurry around the house, and chase each other. Suki, the queen, is the only one who can curb Miso’s unbridled energy.

They have different personalities and complement each other perfectly.

Gianna Llewellyn

“Miso behaves like a prince, although he is surprised by almost everything. Suki likes attention, but Miso demands it. He doesn’t like being alone, so he’s become a little orange shadow,” Gianna told Love Meow.

Gianna Llewellyn

“Suki is smart as a whip. She is stealthy, calm and brave. She also has the biggest eyes with which to convince you. She is not afraid to pounce on Miso, even though he is much bigger. She is independent, but still full of love. “

It takes a village to save a small family. Miso, Suki and their adorable babies will have a great future ahead of them.

Gianna Llewellyn

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