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Stray cat went to the family by the drain pipe so their kittens would have a chance to thrive

A stray cat walked up to a family from a drain pipe so their kittens could thrive.

Jamie Myers

Earlier this summer, Jamie Myers of Spokane, Washington, was on a camping trip with her family when their 10-year-old daughter spotted a cat under the street from afar. As animal lovers and carers, they immediately decided to examine and locate the cat.

“We jumped out of the RV and ran back out onto the street we’d come on looking for this mysterious kitten who was very out of place,” Jamie told Love Meow.

“A few hundred meters back we found a drainpipe under the road and what we saw in this drainpipe, but two little eyes looked back at us.”

Jamie Myers

The drainpipe was not a suitable home for strays. Jamie and her daughter tried to persuade the cat with some food. Lo and behold, a small tortoiseshell emerged from the opening of the pipe and devoured every bit of the can.

“It could be the easiest rescue we’ve ever done. We put the little can of food out and it didn’t hesitate for a minute,” shared Jamie Love Meow.

“She came out immediately and showed us how hungry and beautiful and deadly thin she was.”

Jamie Myers

Shortly after the tortoiseshell emerged from the drainpipe, they made another discovery. “It wasn’t long before she realized through her bones and sagging skin that she was harboring a miracle.”

The cute cat was very friendly to the family and followed them around the campsite.

Jamie Myers

“She let us pick her up and carry her to our motorhome, where she was spending the weekend. She didn’t hesitate to sleep in bed with us, to snuggle up on the couch with us and seemed so grateful that she was saved “said Jamie to Love Meow.

The cute cat had probably been abandoned when no one came to challenge her. “I don’t know how long she lived in that drainpipe, but it must have been a while.”

All of that changed when the family picked her up from the campsite and brought her home.

Jamie Myers

Over the next few days the cat named Caki blossomed quickly. She accompanied Jamie’s daughter and showered her with cuddles. She never had to worry about a day without food again because she could eat to her heart’s content at every meal.

“Just a few days after we brought her home, she shared her secret with us and blessed us with six new little ones,” said Jamie. “We’ve had so much fun helping her raise babies in safe, loving, and happy homes.”

Jamie Myers

Momma Caki was low on milk to begin with, so the family stepped in to bottle-feed their babies 24/7.

Once her diet became more stable, she was able to breastfeed all of her demanding little kittens and devote herself to all of their needs.

Jamie Myers

“She was a great mother who always knew where her children were and did her best for them. She was very vocal and talked to them all the time.”

Sweet cat mother Caki and her kitten Jamie Myers

Momma Caki taught her kittens how to eat and drink like a big kitten, and suffocated them with love and lots of mandatory baths.

The kittens grew by leaps and bounds and when they were big enough to be adopted they quickly found wonderful homes.

Jamie Myers

“Two of them even went to our own vet,” Jamie told Love Meow. “Now is the time to find this cute mom at home forever.”

Jamie Myers

When they first met the cute tortoiseshell, she was on her last leg, but got stuck there so her kittens could survive.

“Today she is a healthy, happy, playful, blooming, and extremely loving cat,” said Jamie. “It really bloomed and has come out of its shell. It is the most loving cat I think we have ever cared for.”

Jamie Myers

“We thought we could save a life that day, but we had no idea it would actually be seven.”

Jamie Myers

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If you are interested in adopting Caki (in Spokane, WA) you can email Jamie at [email protected]

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