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Stray cat gets help for their kittens at the last minute so they can thrive

A stray cat found help in time to allow its kittens to thrive.

Jin’s bottle babies

Earlier this summer, a petite stray cat appeared in a wildcat colony in North Phoenix, Arizona foraging for food. The colony caretaker spotted her at a feeding station and noted that she was pregnant.

They immediately jumped into action and brought the expectant mother cat to safety. The friendly stray was skin and bones, but so grateful to be off the road. Jins Bottle Babies, a local Phoenix Rescue, was contacted and her volunteer caregiver, Juliette Veregge, immediately stepped forward to help.

“When we got her, she was under seven pounds, which is terribly thin for a pregnant cat. She was due in a few weeks, but she didn’t eat and lost weight very quickly,” said Shelbi Uyehara, founder of Jin Bottle Babies said Love Meow.

Jin’s bottle babies

“We took her to the vet and they found there were just too many kittens in her tiny belly. She wouldn’t be able to give birth to them safely, nor would they survive much longer.”

With an emergency caesarean section, they were able to save their kittens and their mother’s life. Chrissy, the mother cat, was recovering from the operation and had her first full meal that evening. She finally gained much-needed weight.

“I bottle-fed the babies for a few days while we let Chrissy heal and boost their milk production,” added Shelbi.

Jin’s bottle babies

When Chrissy was reunited with her kittens, her milk supply was still tight. Foster mother Juliette provided the babies with additional food around the clock. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, one of the kittens lost their fight. The rest of the trash pulled through and began to thrive.

With the care of the foster family, Mama Chrissy finally had enough milk for all four hungry mouths. She went into full mom mode, grooming, cleaning and cuddling with her babies.

Jin’s bottle babies

She was completely devoted and refused to leave her side, almost around the clock. Juliette had to put food in front of them to remind them to refill.

When the kittens were big enough to venture out of the nest, Mama Chrissy watched over them and made sure they didn’t wander far.

Jin’s bottle babies

The cute mother cat keeps her kittens clean from head to toe with obligatory baths. She wrapped her arms around them when they nap and never has enough cuddles for her little one.

“She is very protective of her babies and when she is away from them she cries for them,” Juliette told Love Meow.

Jin’s bottle babies

Check out this adorable little family in this cute video:

Stray cats find help for their kittens www.youtube.com

The four feline siblings Flora, Faye, Lucy and Tommy have developed into happy, playful kittens. They are plump and healthy and have sweet, shiny bellies to show off.

Jin’s bottle babies

Mama Chrissy spoils her kittens to pieces. Not only does she take care of all of their needs, but she also gives them what they want.

“She loves her babies so much that when they are eight weeks old, the kittens don’t want to have anything to do with eating alone,” added Juliette.

Jin’s bottle babies

Chrissy has the cutest little chirps when cooing to her kitties or asking their humans for attention. She enjoys talking to people and always speaks to them when they ask her a question.

“She has the cutest demeanor. She makes me love and kiss everywhere,” Juliette told Love Meow.

Jin’s bottle babies

The kittens catch up with their mother and are almost ready to spread their wings and fly.

Two of them were spoken for. Flora, Faye and Mama Chrissy are still looking for their forever loving home.

Flora and FayeJin’s bottle babies

Chrissy has come a long way since the day she was found. She loves her VIP life and deserves a great home that she will cherish forever.

Jin’s bottle babies

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