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Søren Solkær photographs starlings for the new book Black Sun.

Søren Solkær was fascinated by starlings and went all over Europe to photograph a great murmur of birds. This work resulted in thousands of pictures of the phenomena and his new book Black Sun.

“The starlings move as a unified organism that vigorously resists any external threat,” says Solkær. “The result is a strong visual expression – like an ink drawing or a calligraphic brushstroke – that asserts itself against the sky. Shapes and black condensation lines form within the swarm, resembling interference waves or mathematical abstractions written across the horizon. This is the moment I tried to capture – a piece of eternity. “

Black Sun is the Danish photographer’s sixth art book and has shown his work in galleries around the world.

We are honored to present 12 of Solkær’s photos of Black Sun in the slide show below.

Photo by Søren Solkær


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Visit Søren Solkær’s website to find out more about his photographic work

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