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San Diego lifeguards rescue dog from rough waters

Many dogs love a day at the beach just as much as a human. In fact, many of them seem to like it even more. An adventurous beach lover swam with himself at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego this July 4th weekend. Unfortunately, the enthusiastic dog soon made an effort to return to him.

The dog’s person must have had the insight not to try to chase him. Often times, people who try to swim in rough water after the dog get washed up at sea. Instead, he left it to the pros to save his pup. San Diego Lifeguards and Firemen to the Rescue!

Two lifeguards rushed to the dog’s aid while he tried to swim. The lifeguards from SD Fire-Rescue, K. Bechelder and K. Barry, arrived on site with a rescue board. Lifeguards store lifeguards at their stations in emergencies. Usually, strapping an injured swimmer to a board will help keep their neck or limbs still to prevent injury. In this case, they used the board to get a disturbed puppy to safety.

@ SDFDoffical / Facebook

On the bank, person and puppy were reunited! Don’t worry, the dog came out of the sea unharmed. If anything, he could be a little wiser now. But knowing dogs, probably not.

@ SDFDoffical / Facebook

For the lifeguards it was all in one day’s work for them. Even so, if you can help a dog, it’s a pretty good day at work. Of course, the San Diego Lifeguard’s Facebook page shared a photo of the unharmed dog with its rescuers.

“The Sunset Cliffs roaming crew had their hands full with groups of swimmers testing their limits in the surf and even had a dog rescue at the bottom of the Ladera stairs.”

@ SanDiegoLifeguards / Facebook

As it turns out, lifeguards tend to rarely solve problems related to dogs. In the past, this department in San Diego helped a dog that was stung by a stingray and many other pups that were in rough water. There is also a dog beach nearby and we know how our pups tend to ignore the signs and fences. Fortunately, this crew always kept their eyes on the water!

Protect your dog on the beach

Are you thinking of going to the beach with your dog? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

The safest way to keep your dog afloat is with a dog life jacket.

Buoyancy aids are especially important for breeds such as bulldogs and basset hounds with larger chests and shorter front legs. These dogs have a harder swim and tire more quickly than a Labrador or Spaniel. You should choose a life jacket for your dog based on his breed and size.

A harness with a handle can make it easier to pull out a fighting dog.

A vest or harness with a handle makes it easier for rescue workers to pull a dog out of the water. If you plan to walk near strong bodies of water, dress your dog in a harness.

Of course, having some professional lifeguards around also helps.

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