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Postman delivers kindness and rescue to stray cats in need

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat or darkness of the night keep these couriers from completing their set laps quickly.”

For a kind-hearted postman, this U.S. Post Office’s creed goes beyond delivering packages to include saving cats in need. Ask Jackson the Cat. His rescue story comes from a postal worker who feared the orange cutie might be cold and hungry on the winter roads.

In the Jackson Circle area of ​​Cambridge, a large suburb of Boston, MA, the anonymous postal worker discovered Jackson and took a minute to offer him food each day. As the temperatures dropped, the postman built the streetwise cat his own cardboard protection.

Image courtesy of www.arlboston.org

But soon winter really started to hit the city. Worried about his new feline friend, the postal worker turned to the Animal Rescue League in Boston to give Jackson the chance for a quiet life away from the city’s wilderness.

Home forever from the streets

When Jackson arrived at the Rescue League’s Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center, the friendly cat was thoroughly examined by a veterinary team. The investigation found that Jackson was about 8 years old and had extensive dental disease “to the point where all but one of Jackson’s canines were knocked down to the root,” according to the ARL.

Image courtesy of www.arlboston.org

Image courtesy of www.arlboston.org

To fix the problems, Jackson had a thorough teeth cleaning and 10 teeth removed. It also seemed like he’d been a scrapper in his street life. It was covered in cuts and scratches and tested positive for FIV. Although he may have fought other cats, Jackson enjoyed the company of the friendly people around him. With her support, he quickly recovered from dental treatment.

Image courtesy of www.arlboston.org

And now the ex-stray has received the special supplies, a home for the holidays! At home with his new family, Jackson earned the name Teddy. Probably because he’s a cute cuddly cat bear!

Image courtesy of www.arlboston.org

Without the kindness of the anonymous postal worker, this good cat might have missed its opportunities forever. In addition to thanking Jackson, “ARL is grateful to this anonymous postman and his incredible act of compassion and kindness in not only taking care of Jackson but also making sure he didn’t have to spend another winter on the hard roads from Boston. “

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H / T: www.boston.cbslocal.com
Feature Image Courtesy of www.arlboston.org

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