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Pint-sized kittens found in a bush blooms in beautiful, brave calico

A tiny kitten found alone in a bush has turned into a beautiful kitten.

Orphanage Montreal

A friendly woman from Canada heard a faint scream from outside one night. During an investigation, she discovered a newborn kitten in a bush, all alone. The Good Samaritan was waiting for the mother cat, but she never came back.

The next morning the kitten continued to cry for her mother, but she was still out of sight. The kitten may have been abandoned or dropped by the mother while she was moving her babies. The finder picked it up and immediately sought help.

She was able to get in touch with an animal rescuer who volunteered to transport the kitten to Chaton’s Orphelins Montréal, a cat rescue in Montreal.

Orphanage Montreal

“They gave the kitten a second chance in life and the little one arrived with a hot water bottle next to her. She was so hungry that she threw herself on the milk bottle and tried desperately to eat,” said Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal shared Love meow.

They named the kitten Carla and the little calico showed an amazing fighting spirit from the start.

Orphanage Montreal

She was so young that her eyes hadn’t opened, but she could find the bottle with her incredible sense of smell and peel as much food as it could fit in her tiny belly.

Carla was only the size of a Q-Tip, tiny but so powerful.

Orphanage Montreal

“Her foster mother bottle-fed her every two hours. From the beginning, the kitten loved to be around her human and to be petted. She recognized her foster mother by her smell and kept crying for her attention and extra cuddling time.”

Carla was very short but had a strong, convincing voice.

Orphanage Montreal

The kitten quickly gained weight and strength. Once she figured out how to use her legs, she started climbing furniture and even used pillows as her little kitten fortress.

“She loves taking naps under the pillows and she loves talking to her foster mother whenever she gets a chance.”

Orphanage Montreal

The sweet calico has her humans wrapped around her finger. She embodies the cheeky calico and is not afraid to express her many opinions.

“Carla is a little princess who is not afraid of anything. She is curious and malicious and wants to inspect everything she comes across,” said Celine Love Meow.

Orphanage Montreal

“She was only a day old when she was found and has been very close to people ever since. It took her a long time to let go of her bottle as she likes to do things at her own pace.”

Orphanage Montreal

“Whenever she demands attention, she knows how to do it by rubbing her face against her people and creating a storm,” said Celine.

Hanging out with her human before bed is one of her favorite pastimes.

Orphanage Montreal

“She’ll hop on the bed and curl up next to her human every night before going to sleep.”

Carla is now 10 weeks old and almost ready to find her own place.

Orphanage Montreal

The little calico has grown into a fearless, beautiful kitten and a sweet cuddly beetle.

Carla the kitten

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