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Pint size kitten displays fighting spirit, determined to grow tall and strong when returned

A little kitten was determined to grow tall and strong after being brought back from the brink.

Heather @fostermotherofkittens

Heather, a volunteer caregiver at the Norfolk Animal Care Center in Virginia, took home several newborn kittens in need of critical care. Despite her best efforts, Clove was the only one who made it.

The palm-sized kitten struggled with a variety of health problems but held on to them with all her might. “I made a promise to Clove that I wouldn’t give up on her if she didn’t give up on me,” Heather told Love Meow.

Heather continued to provide supportive care and fed the syringes around the clock. The kitten was very small for her age, but showed amazing determination. She continued to eat to her heart’s content, in spite of all the odds that stood against her.

Heather @fostermotherofkittens

“Slowly but surely, she put on a few grams each day until she finally weighed enough for the vet to feel comfortable giving her antibiotics. A few days after her 10-day course she started to turn a corner.” added Heather.

With careful care, Clove’s eyes cleared and her stomach felt so much better. The little warrior perked up and began to move her legs.

With her newfound energy, she began to behave like a kitten again.

Heather @fostermotherofkittens

Clove completed the incubator in her upgraded kitten suite. For the first time in her life she was so intrigued by her new surroundings and even tried to explore and review her new excavations.

“Clove is a force to be reckoned with. This little one will be hard as nails when she grows up,” added Heather. “Words cannot express how proud I am of this tiny warrior.”

Heather @fostermotherofkittens

It took the kitten a little longer to get used to solid foods. Once she figured out how to eat from a dish, she dipped her face in and wasn’t afraid of getting food anywhere.

Clove may be a late bloomer, but it’s determined to grow big and strong.

Heather @fostermotherofkittens

At seven weeks old, the kitten officially joined the One Pound Club, reaching milestone after milestone. The clove was still tiny, but what it lacked in size it certainly made up for in personality.

As she evolved, her quirky, adorable nature began to evolve.

Heather @fostermotherofkittens

Clove couldn’t be defined by her size and quickly discovered her inner ass. She was not afraid to show her demeanor especially in front of people or large dogs.

Check out Clove in this cute video:

Carnation the Kitten www.youtube.com

She is fearless and lovable. When she wants something, she doesn’t take no for an answer.

Heather @fostermotherofkittens

Clove has turned into a cute cuddle bug and loves to cuddle with people. This little kitten has so much love to give.

“She’s eight weeks old and a pound and 10 ounces. She’s a little bit behind the curve.”

Heather @fostermotherofkittens

“She loves to play with all three of my dogs. She’s always ready to snuggle up with me for a nice nap,” shared Heather with Love Meow.

Clove curled up in her foster mother’s arms and purred himself to sleep.

Heather @fostermotherofkittens

The mighty little kitten is getting more playful and wild every day. She has perfected her jump and continues to improve other important feline skills.

Heather @fostermotherofkittens

Once Clove hits the 2 pound mark, she’ll embark on a new journey to her eternal home.

She got a cute, chonky belly to show off.

Heather @fostermotherofkittens

“She really is so special, I couldn’t be more proud of her,” Heather told Love Meow.

Heather @fostermotherofkittens

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