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Paralyzed kitten, determined to enjoy life like other cats, creeps into everyone’s heart

A kitten with paralyzed hind legs is determined to enjoy life like any other cat. You won’t let anything slow you down.

With Grace @fostercatsandkittens

A caretaker at an Arizona wildcat colony took a kitten to the vet last month. The tabby was hit by a car as it ran across the street. The accident left paralysis and incontinence on the hind leg.

The Pima Animal Care Center took her in and found a temporary volunteer caregiver to attend to her needs. Even so, the kitten named Giselle was remarkably calm the entire time, as if she knew she was in good hands.

The kitten needed a long-term experienced caregiver. When Danielle, founder of With Grace (in Las Vegas), learned of her plight, she stepped forward to help. In early December, Leanne M., who is a volunteer for SWATT Rescue, flew the kitten from Tucson to Las Vegas to meet with the new foster family.


“It’s really amazing what can be achieved when so many people work together to save a life,” Danielle told Love Meow.

“When I saw Giselle, I knew she was special. She looked at me with those big eyes and I melted.”

SWATT rescue

Giselle settled into her new accommodation after a tour of her room. Although the tabby was paralyzed from the waist down, she quickly demonstrated that she could move her front legs quickly and hunt toys like a pro.

“She’s the calmest kitten I think I’ve ever cared for. She’s such a little angel and she just goes with the flow. She’s impossible not to fall in love with her,” shared Danielle Love Meow.

With Grace @fostercatsandkittens

Giselle is very short, weighing only a pound and a half, but her petite size and handicap don’t hold her back. The kitten is determined to do whatever other cats do.

“She doesn’t know she’s any different from any other cat. We’re currently teaching her how to use ramps to get up on furniture so she doesn’t feel left out and can go anywhere she wants.”

With Grace @fostercatsandkittens

The small miracle that Kitty insists on going to the couch alone and snuggling up on a blanket with her foster mother whenever she gets a chance.

Check out the kitten in this cute video:

Giselle the kitten www.youtube.com

“When she’s not snuggled up to me, you can see her zooming around the house and playing with toys. It’s very interesting to see how she interacts with our house cats (one is like her paralyzed) because she doesn’t force herself on them like typical kittens. “

With Grace @fostercatsandkittens

“She understands that they need time to warm up and she gives them the space to do so,” Danielle told Love Meow. “She is very unique and there is really something special to watch her personality.”

Because of her paralysis, Giselle does not use the litter box and needs assistance from her humans a few times a day. “It’s super easy and only takes a minute. Other than that, Giselle doesn’t need any special maintenance!”

With Grace @fostercatsandkittens

Giselle was fascinated by the Christmas tree when she first saw it. She walked straight over to it and began “inspecting” the branches.

Nothing can stop the little tabby if she is concentrating on something.

With Grace @fostercatsandkittens

“Caring for cats and kittens that are a little different from ‘normal’ cats is such an inspiring experience. They don’t know they’re different and if they want to achieve something nothing can stop them,” shared Danielle Love Meow with.

After a rough start, the kitten quickly rebounded. It is now thriving and getting stronger and wilder by the day.

With Grace @fostercatsandkittens

She still has a lot to grow and hone her feline skills before she is ready to seek out the family of her dreams.

The cute kitten is sliding around in the world without worries.

With Grace @fostercatsandkittens

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