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NEW Eagle Ray puppies

We had two new arrivals to the National Marine Aquarium in 2020 – two spotted eagle ray puppies were born in September and it was an exciting journey to see them grow! Check out this video:


Coco and Cruz are the fourth litter of eagle ray pups that has been successfully bred in the aquarium.

The amazing husbandry team provides 24/7 attention and care to the rays and teaches them skills important in an aquarium setting such as target feeding.

The video shows Coco and Cruz learning the basics of feeding from a platform.

Targeted training is important as it enables the team to best care for the rays as it teaches them how to take vitamins. It reduces the stress of weighing each animal and the husbandry team knows exactly how much feed the rays have eaten, which keeps them healthy.

We look forward to seeing you grow into grownups Coco and Cruz!

For more information on our charity’s work related to wildlife conservation and rake breeding programs, click below to visit our website:

Ocean Conservation Trust website

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