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Mysterious chalk markings have dog parents on the edge

Mysterious chalk markings are popping up all over the UK and they are making dog parents nervous. The markings are believed to be linked to a number of dog thefts that recently hit the Suffolk area.

Recently four dogs and 13 puppies were stolen from kennels. A cocker spaniel puppy has been removed from its enclosure on a farm. The thefts are certainly alarming, but it is the menacing chalk lines that haunt residents.

The residents shared their eerie experiences

The white chalk lines were found on bricks, roads, fences, and even gates. While Suffolk Police said nothing directly links the chalk lines to dog thefts, they said they should stay vigilant.

LADbible reported that Diana Fordham shared a post on Facebook with the following warning:

“Quick contact with all dog owners in and around Leiston – just one of the potential dog snappers came to me to buy something. Next he asked about my dogs, how many we have, what breed, how much they are worth. Then he sat in front of my house and took pictures and spoke on the phone for about 15 minutes. The police were called. The advice was to keep an eye on your dogs in the yard and check the front and back fences for markings. They do this so that they know which house to hit. “

Fordham said she later found two white chalk marks on her back fence.

@ KellyCrane / Facebook

Be on the lookout for more than just chalk lines

Another resident, Jackie Woolven, warns others to look out for more than chalk. Cable ties are also common marks, and thieves can leave gates open and wait for dogs to escape.

Weird chalk marks are nothing new to thieves. In 2018, abstract white chalk markings resembling dogs appeared overnight. These signs appeared to be placed on houses where valuable dogs lived.

Donna Glover told Gloucestershire Live about the strange event a few years ago.

“We had our house marked with chalk twice in about three weeks. The first time we washed it off and found it strange. Today, the mark in the shape of a dog has reappeared exactly where the previous mark was, ”she said.

Chalk or no chalk, dog theft is on the rise

A spokesman for Dog Theft Action, a UK charity, said the chalk marks were a well-known rumor that could not be confirmed.

“The chalk has been a longstanding rumor for many years, but we can neither prove nor disprove this theory. But dog theft is definitely on the rise in all areas and it’s important to keep yourself and your pets safe, ”they said.

It is better to play it safe, so it is best to always remain vigilant and never leave your dog unattended.

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