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Meet Jack

Name and age of the dog: Jack, 15 years

Nicknames: The boy

Adoption history: I worked in a used bookstore that had an old-fashioned print shop in the back. One day a woman came into the print shop and asked me to keep an eye on a foxy, rust-red terrier outside the shop door. Outside he was tied to an incredibly long piece of blue washing cord.

She had seen this dog wandering around in traffic at the nearby sea and successfully let this very frightened, lost dog go. She was due to leave for Canada in a few weeks and wanted to reunite this dog with its owner quickly. So she decided to print out some dog posters she found from our print shop.

He did not bark or whine as he sat on the step, patiently waiting for his rescuer. I went out to say hello and patted his head in a rather abstract way. Little did he and I know that our fate would soon change forever …

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