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Kittens snuggle into the hearts of the family after being brought back from the sidelines

Two kittens found the perfect shoulders to cuddle and the family of their dreams.


A tied pair of kittens were rescued from a hoarding situation along with 150 other cats. Toronto Cat Rescue took them to safety and Abbey Cat Adoptions took them in so the feline siblings had a chance to thrive in a nursing home.

The brother and sister duo recovered from their foster family with love and care. They no longer had to fight for food and could eventually be the center of attention. The cute calico was an instant cuddle bug, snuggling up to everyone around her for kisses and TLC.

“Their lives have changed significantly for the better since they were saved and they have become healthy and happy kittens,” said Abbey Cat Adoptions.

Abbey Cat Adoptions

When the two best friends were ready to search for their forever home, Rescue knew they needed to be adopted together as it was a package. The kittens had very strong bonds and relied on each other to thrive.

Massimo and Zylees, a Toronto couple, were looking for a new family member after saying goodbye to their beloved Tortie cat, Moss, who was 16. They came across a post over the two bound kittens and were immediately beaten.

Abbey Cat Adoptions

They reached out to the rescue and turned out to be the perfect match. The kittens were then called Jessie and James and their exciting new chapter officially began.

On the first night home, the two kittens quickly climbed onto their father’s shoulders and fell asleep immediately.


“They were immediately friendly and needed lots of cuddles. I was surprised how cute they were from the start,” Massimo told Love Meow.

The kittens felt at home and never tried to seek refuge. They were completely fearless and claimed their new home as their kingdom.


The duo explored the house together, checking new scents, and inspecting everything they could put their paws on. They weren’t afraid to ask for attention and cuddle.

“They are always around, ready for a kiss or a hug,” added Massimo.


“James, in particular, is playing around the house like a crazy kid, jumping and running. Sometimes he pauses to sit on your stomach, kiss or headbutt you before going back to chase Jessie or his own tail . “

Check out the two best friends in this cute video:

Jessie and James the kittens www.youtube.com

James the Ginger is a real mischief maker who is always on the lookout for new antics. When he needs a break to cause problems, he curls up on his human’s lap to recharge.

Jessie embodies the calico cattitude. She follows James’ lead and is his little partner on crime.


When James discovered his own reflection in the mirror and tried to skip it, Jessie followed suit and joined the game.

“She follows her brother’s example and plays with him a lot. They are always together,” said Massimo Love Meow.


“Jessie and James loved not recovering from a hoarding situation with 150 cats in a Toronto apartment in their new home,” said Abbey Cat Adoptions.

“They are in great shape with their health and thriving. It is really wonderful to see how animals and humans can support one another when the right resources, tools and the right environment are in place.”


The two siblings grew by leaps and bounds in just a few months. They continue to bring joy to their families, and their home is never lacking in laughter.


“They needed us and we needed them. We couldn’t have been happier to have them.” Said Massimo.


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