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Kittens hold up strong through thick and thin and insist on being together all the time

Two kittens from the same litter have supported each other the most since day one.

Lauren @our_fostering_tails

Four rescued kittens were taken to the Animal Welfare League kitten college program in Arlington when they were less than three weeks old. Lauren, a volunteer carer, took her into her care and began bottle-feeding around the clock.

After tidying everyone up and filling their bellies, the kittens snuggled into a pile of puffs in their warm bed and immediately fell asleep. “They were so pleased and always purring,” shared Lauren.

The four were named Kylie (calico), Kia (calico), Kip (Siamese), and Kolbe (black and white).

Kip, Kia, Kolbe and KylieLauren @our_fostering_tails

Kylie and Kip were the smallest. The little calico sister was very needy and constantly demanded attention from everyone around her.

“When she was hungry, she would crawl across your chest, put her face right next to yours, and let out a very long, drawn-out, high-pitched squeak,” Lauren added.

Lauren @our_fostering_tails

At six weeks old, Kylie still insisted on finishing her meal with a bottle. Kip on the other paw was a watchful little brother who kept an eye on his siblings and tried to imitate what they were doing.

He was the smallest littermate and had some health problems to overcome. When he noticed that Kylie was cuddling with other kittens or Foster Mom, he stopped by and attended the cuddle party.

Lauren @our_fostering_tails

“I recently wrapped Kylie in a burrito, a technique that can be very comforting for anxious or frightened kittens. Kylie instantly relaxed and fell asleep peacefully. She just wanted to sit on my lap or be held tightly on my arms,” ​​Lauren said.

“Like the good little brother he is, Kip climbed up on my legs and across my chest and then sat right on top of the Kylie burrito.”

Lauren @our_fostering_tails

From that day on, Kip spent more time keeping Kylie company, often lying on top of her as if trying to comfort her.

“Kip and Kylie have become such great friends. They’re both short and sweet and gentle personalities that go so well together,” said Lauren.

Lauren @our_fostering_tails

When combined with the right medication, extra bottles between meals, and electrolytes, the kittens were nursed back to health. You gained weight again and gained a lot of energy.

The connected couple continued to cheer each other on during their recovery.

Lauren @our_fostering_tails

With a lot of support and encouragement from Kylie, Kip eventually filled up and grew into a showy kitten.

When they were big enough to spread their wings and fly, Lauren knew that this adorable duo needed a family that would love them both forever.

Lauren @our_fostering_tails

“We’ve been through a lot and they have two of the most magnetic and adorable personalities I’ve ever seen on kittens,” said Lauren.

“It took you a little longer to get down to two pounds and there were several detours along the way, but you are finally ready for the next chapter in your life.”

Lauren @our_fostering_tails

“Kip was a bit smaller than his siblings and he took the time to reach these developmental milestones. I will always remember his boundless trust, his weird outbursts of friskiness and the way he literally met the world with.” big eyes, “said Lauren.

“Kylie used to be a wrinkled, little and scared girl who never took my eyes off me, but she has grown into a lovely little lady with a calm and growing self-confidence. I will never forget our mornings together if she would climb up my shoulder and bump her tiny cute head against mine repeatedly. “

Lauren @our_fostering_tails

Today, Kip and Kylie (now renamed Ren and River) made their dream come true by leaving their nursing home and embarking on a new journey together to their forever home.

Lauren @our_fostering_tails

“I couldn’t be more proud of my tiny but oh-so-powerful babies,” wrote Lauren.

Lauren @our_fostering_tails

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