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Kittens found on the street, friendliness discovered and turned into the cutest shoulder cat

A very shy kitten found love and kindness and turned into the cutest shoulder cat.

Aly @_hellokirosrescue

A 5 week old kitten was taken to a Los Angeles animal shelter after it was found a stray. The little tabby was so frightened that she retired to a corner.

She didn’t want anyone near her at the shelter and needed a quiet nursing home. “She hissed and spat at every shadow or movement. I could tell by her constant meowing that she was very hungry,” said Aly W., Foster Mom, to Love Meow. “She trembled and hissed when she sensed we were close.”

The kitten named Cindy Lou, who was afraid of people. Although she tried to hide in every possible way, she couldn’t resist the offer of goodies. Aly got to work immediately and set out to win her over.

Aly @_hellokirosrescue

Aly put a few tempting treats on a spatula and inserted it into the carrier the kitten had taken refuge in. Slowly but surely, the tabby inched towards the opening. After a few more tries, Cindy Lou emerged from her hiding place and began to eat in front of her foster mother.

Aly spent all afternoon keeping the little one company and reassuring her that she was safe. “The moment she realized I was here to give her food and water, she immediately started purring,” shared Aly Love Meow.

“She went from being extremely shy to being extremely friendly within 24 hours.”

Aly @_hellokirosrescue

The next day, little Cindy Lou got out of her own bed and instead crawled into Aly’s lap. She put her head on Aly’s hand and purred herself to sleep. With a comfortable, quiet place, great food, and lots of love, the kitten made a complete 180.

“Little Cindy Lou loved getting her chin scratched. She also loved to cuddle until she was soundly asleep. She meowed so loudly when I left her room and stopped immediately when I came back. She did that a few times until I started thinking about her trained me to come here. “

Aly @_hellokirosrescue

“She discovered the joy of using my back as a scratching post. She realized that it was much easier to jump into my arms if she just climbed from behind. How smart!”

The tabby girl had an affinity for shoulder cuddles and kept her humans very busy. “She was excellent at climbing up and down my shoulder,” added Aly.

Aly @_hellokirosrescue

It took a few days, but Cindy Lou was finally able to eat alone, without the company of her foster mother. Once she found her confidence, her personality began to shine. “She is a very headstrong girl and determined to do what she wants.”

The kitten would get lap times on request and would not take no for an answer. “It didn’t matter if we walked around or sat down, she held onto our pants until we sat down to cuddle.”

Aly @_hellokirosrescue

The kitten looked up at her foster brother Z (the cat) and followed his paw steps to learn how to be a real cat. Daisy the puppy was enjoying being with her wild tabby friend.

Check out the kitten and its journey in this cute video:

Cindy Lou Who the Kitten www.youtube.com

When the kitten discovered Aly’s office, she didn’t hesitate to offer a “helping” paw.

Aly @_hellokirosrescue

She would watch and supervise her foster mother and even give her the seal of approval for her work. The kitten insisted on sitting in the office chair with Aly, and even welcomed Daisy to squeeze in and cuddle.

Over time, the cute kitten grew tall and strong and was almost ready for her next chapter in life.

Aly @_hellokirosrescue

One day, Cindy Lou received a surprise visit from a family. In no time she had them wrapped around her little paws.

“She immediately climbed onto her shoulders and purred. They were amazed at how secure she was,” said Aly.

Aly @_hellokirosrescue

The family fell head over heels in love with the kitten and knew they had been chosen. Cindy Lou closed the foster family last Monday and moved in with her people forever.

“We made a graduation cake (with cat food and treats). She finished the entire bowl,” added Aly.

Aly @_hellokirosrescue

The once shy kitten has grown into a confident, cuddly cat. She loves to be the center of attention and lives the life of her dreams.

Aly @_hellokirosrescue

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