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Kittens found indoors that rebounded and bloomed with the help of large family

Two ginger kittens have grown into beautiful cats thanks to the help of a wonderful family.

Holly @pawsofoz

Max and Ruby, two tiny ginger kittens, were found under a resident’s house. The mother cat never returned for her, so the homeowner brought her to the Best Friends Animal Society in Northwest Arkansas for help.

Holly Brookhouser, a Best Friends volunteer, was contacted about the resident. She didn’t hesitate to take it. “They needed a bottle feeder so I picked them up. I couldn’t say no,” shared Holly Love Meow.

The couple were so lucky to have a family that looked after them around the clock. They stayed in the same room with their foster mother so she could attend to all of their needs.

Holly @pawsofoz

Holly quickly noticed the special bond the kittens shared. The two were seldom separated and would seek each other out if they weren’t in sight.

“The smaller, darker one is a boy and the bigger loud mouth is a girl,” added Holly. “Their names, Max and Ruby, come from one of my daughters’ favorite cartoons about a big rabbit sister and her little rabbit brother.”

Holly @pawsofoz

Soon the kittens were gaining weight and strength. Once their little legs were strong enough, they waddled around trying to explore.

The resident animals met the new keepers and took a liking to them. “Zaki the cat must have been curious about the ‘mini-me’ that had invaded his room.”

Holly @pawsofoz

Their curiosity grew quickly when they got to hang out with other furry friends around the house. Jack, the older dog, adored his little cat friends and let them climb over him.

“They were the best and easiest bottle babies of all time and slept quickly in our bed! They were very connected and still are.”

Holly @pawsofoz

Max and Ruby do everything together. They like to put their arms around each other and hug their tails in a hug.

As they got bigger, their personalities started to shine.

Holly @pawsofoz

They scurried across the room, chasing each other, wrestling and resting with their unbridled energy.

As soon as they finished playing, they snuggled together and purred to sleep.

Holly @pawsofoz

The two were never lacking in attention and they were constantly delighted by every member of Holly’s extended family.

Check out Max and Ruby and their journey in this cute video:

Max and Rudy the kittens www.youtube.com

Rigby, the tabby cat, has a thing for kittens in need. He volunteered as a surrogate father for the kittens and made himself available whenever they needed a hug.

“While the kittens were being weaned from the bottle, these babies held onto it, especially Max.”

Holly @pawsofoz

Max and Ruby insisted on cuddling with everyone in the house and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Mini, another older dog, had a lot to do with the needy kittens, but she was on the fence because of ear licking.

Holly @pawsofoz

“Max and Ruby must be the most spoiled babies I’ve ever had,” added Holly.

“They slept with us (every night) and I couldn’t stand how cute it was to see my husband cuddle them in the middle of the night!”

Holly @pawsofoz

One day, a best friends family came across Max and Ruby and they absolutely loved it.

When the kittens were ready to spread their wings and fly, they were taken into their new home together and would never be apart.

Holly @pawsofoz

Max and Ruby left many wonderful paw prints in their nursing home. Now they thrive in their eternal home and bring joy to their loving parents every day.


They have grown into beautiful kittens, and their bond has only grown stronger.

“They are so loved, pampered, and happy to have each other. Two kittens are better than one!”


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