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Kitten won’t go anywhere without her teddy bear after found outside alone

This cute kitten has taken her trusty teddy bear everywhere since she was found outside alone.

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A kind hearted Indiana woman discovered a surprise in her barn one morning last month.

As she set off, she heard an animal squeak in the barn. She followed the noise to the corner, and lo and behold, a little kitten, about 10 days old, was lying all alone on the cold concrete floor.

The Good Samaritan quickly grabbed some straw and put it around the kitten to try to keep it warm. After waiting a few hours for the mother cat to return, she and other kittens could not be seen. She decided to intervene when she noticed the kitten’s body temperature was starting to drop.

Catsnip Etc

She brought the little bundle of fur home and tried to feed them to the best of her ability, but the kitten was having trouble eating. Knowing she was over her head, she turned to Catsnip Etc, a volunteer rescue operation, for help.

“When we got the kitten, she was starving, a little dehydrated and full of fleas,” said Missy McNeal of Catsnip Etc Love Meow.

Catsnip Etc

With the help of an expert bottle feeder and the right food, the kitten named Cricket finally clung on and began to devour the formula. After cricket combed out all the pesky fleas and stuffed the kitten’s belly with nutritious food, he perked up and looked so satisfied.

That night the little kitten fell asleep in her comfortable heated bed, accompanied by a cuddly teddy bear.

Catsnip Etc

Baby cricket recovered around the clock after a few days. She ate and gained weight like a champion. From day one, she craved attention and talked about what she wanted.

The cute kitten insists on having a cuddle partner by her side around the clock. When her foster mother is not around, she’ll cling to her trusty teddy bear and fall asleep with her arms around it.

Catsnip Etc

“She absolutely loves her teddy bear. She has had it with her since the day she was rescued and he goes everywhere with her,” Missy told Love Meow.

“Her teddy bear is her cuddle friend to sleep in and she feels safer.”

Catsnip Etc

Cricket is very needy towards people as she has always been a bottle baby. Her teddy bear has become her mate alongside her loving foster mother when she needs a cuddle party.

When she was ready to start her vaccinations, she wouldn’t go to the office without her companion. Cricket held onto her teddy bear throughout the visit. It made her feel safe and made the experience a lot easier for the cute kitten.

Catsnip Etc

“She’s super cute and loving. She loves to cuddle her foster mom when she’s tired and play with her when she’s wide awake. She just wants to be with her people,” shared Missy Love Meow.

Even when hanging out with her human friends, she insists on sharing every cuddle party with Teddy.

Cricket the kitten and her teddy bear catsnip etc

Cricket enters the stage where their personalities develop and their energy levels rise every day.

“She’s definitely becoming more sociable, and she loves running around and playing. She’s figured out how fun toys can be.”

Catsnip Etc

The little kitten has evolved into a showy panther kitten, but some things haven’t changed.

Catsnip Etc

Cricket and her teddy bear are a package. When she is big enough to be adopted, her future family will have the honor of taking both home with them.

Catsnip Etc

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