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Kitten with such worried eyes flew across continents to be with the family of her dreams

A kitten with two large doe eyes flew across continents to be with the family of her dreams.

Laila D’Souza

Last fall, Laila D’Souza, founder of the Winston Memorial Foundation in Kuwait, rescued a little kitten from a difficult situation. “She was separated from her mother and sold to a family when she was only a week old. She was really sick and had worms and intestinal problems,” Laila shared with Love Meow.

The kitten was handed over to the rescue at four weeks of age and in need of urgent care. Laila did not hesitate to take her in and immediately began treating the kitten. The little bundle of fur was so grateful to have someone to help her.

With supportive care and lots of TLC, Mia perked up and began to improve. “I knew that once she was in my arms, she would be fine, safe from abuse and neglect.”

Laila D’Souza

When Mia was on her way to a full recovery, she became a ball of energy and the princess of doom. The cute kitten liked Laila’s dog Leya and practiced throwing and even wrestling with her canine friend.

Pint size didn’t slow them down. The fearless cat held its own playing with Leya, who was much taller. Leya encouraged Mia to explore and try new things, and monitored her every step of the way.

Laila D’Souza

For the first time in her life, Mia was happy and healthy. Her appetite increased and the energy level multiplied. When it was time to feed, Mia preferred to dip head first in the bowl so she could swim in the food and devour it.

The wild little girl kept filling the house with endless entertainment.

Laila D’Souza

When her eyes were fixed on a moving object, she would wiggle her hindquarters back and forth before initiating a mighty leap.

Mia gave this very serious look before each “attack” and showed an intense focus in those big, wondrous eyes.

Laila D’Souza

“She’s very playful, loving, and curious. She always has those big worried eyes when she’s trying to chase something and it’s so cute,” Laila shared with Love Meow.

The cute kitten quickly mastered the art of jumping. Whenever she got the zoomies, she had that irresistible look on her face.

Laila D’Souza

Mia made a full 180 and flourished in grooming as a healthy, pampered cat.

Check out the kitten in this cute video:

Mia the kitten www.youtube.com

She made friends with another foster kitten, Leo, and the two quickly hit it off. They helped each other socialize by doing all sorts of kitten things.

Laila D’Souza

A few days before Christmas, Mia, her buddy Leo and five other rescued Kuwait cats embarked on a trip to America to be home forever.

Petey and Furends and 4Paws Rescue Team, animal rescue groups in the greater Washington DC area, have expanded their assistance and given these well-deserved kittens the chance for better lives.

Laila D’Souza

When Mia landed safely in the capital after a long journey across continents, she was greeted by local rescuers and volunteers.

She was enjoying her first vacation season in the US and would soon be mating with the family of her dreams.

Laila D’Souza

After the new year started, the cute kitten was officially accepted into the family she had been waiting for.

Mia loves her at home forever and is already accepting love from everyone in the house. Now she has a cat buddy who shows her the ropes and who she cuddles with every day.

Laila D’Souza

Mia quickly claimed the softest bed in her new home and spent a lot of time playing with her human sister.

“I’m so happy for her and how far she has come,” said Laila.

Laila D’Souza

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