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Kitten who is so happy to find a wonderful family to hold onto after roaming the streets looking home

A little kitten was turned down by her mother but found a wonderful family to share her life with.

Laura and Lewis

Last year, when the autumn leaves began to fall, Laura, from Castle Donington, England, came across a post from her friend about a homeless kitten in need of help.

As it turned out, the kitten migrated from a neighboring farm to a property. “She was the littlest of a farm litter and was apparently turned down by her mother,” Laura told Love Meow. “She was only five weeks old, full of fleas and had ulcers in her eyes.”

The homeowner who found her could not take her in. He reached for help, hoping to get the kitten the medical care she urgently needed. Without hesitation, Laura extended her help.

Laura and Lewis

“I booked an appointment with the vet, picked her up and brought her right there. She was so much smaller than I expected and meowed all the way to the vets.”

The kitten was only skin and bones and had an upper respiratory infection. Although it was a little rough around the edges, it was instantly a love bug.

Laura and Lewis

Soon after she moved in, the kitten insisted on following her humans and snuggling into her lap.

The kitten rested that day and made up for the lost sleep. She got up around midnight and cried for food and the attention of her people.

Laura and Lewis

“She was a superstar from the moment she got home. She ate, drank, played and immediately used the litter box,” shared Laura Love Meow.

“The first few nights were a bit sleepless as she had to be fed regularly. We just wanted her to look and feel better.”

Laura and Lewis

The kitten received treatments for fleas and feline flu, plenty of good food, and endless supplies of DC. Her eyes cleared, the weight gained and the energy increased. In just six days, the cute kitten has almost doubled in size.

Laura fell head over heels onto the little bundle of fur the day she saw her, and knew that she couldn’t part with her. “My husband Lewis, who agreed we could take her back home while he had to choose the name – Riley,” added Laura.

Laura and Lewis

Once Riley had some strength in her legs, she made good use of it. Her back knockers were strong and fast and no toy could escape the powerful bunny kicks.

Check out Riley the kitten in this cute video:

Riley the kitten www.youtube.com

In two weeks Riley could get up on her human’s loft bed all by herself, and she was very proud of it.

Her personality came into full swing and took the house by storm.

Laura and Lewis

Riley decided to appoint himself as a supervisor in the home office.

She offered “help” when her people were in front of the computer and tried to grab her pen while “criticizing” her writing skills. The little ball of energy wouldn’t stop doing antics until she was completely exhausted.

Laura and Lewis

“She’s about four months old now and has a really rebellious personality! We don’t know if she’s a little wild because she came from a farm cat or just a lively kitten or both,” Laura told Love Meow.

“She makes us laugh so much, it’s nice to see how she’s getting stronger and stronger, even though she’s very strong-willed! She likes to annoy her big sister, our first rescue cat, Fliss.”

Laura and Lewis

Riley has gone from a sick little farm kitten rejected by his mother to a healthy, happy, wild kitten.

The little former stray is living the life of her dreams.

Laura and Lewis

She constantly wants to know what her humans and the other resident cats are up to, and continues to cause mischief every day where she calls home.

Laura and Lewis

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