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Kitten so happy to be rescued that it continues to knead in bliss after being brought back from the brink

This cute kitten is so happy to be rescued that it keeps kneading in bliss.

Sarah Kelly

A week ago, a kitten was found outside a resident’s home in North Carolina with no mother in sight. The Good Samaritan who discovered the kitten waited several hours for the mother cat to return, but it was unsuccessful.

He brought the calico in and noticed that she was sick and had a scabbed eye. The kind person went out of his way to keep her alive all night and asked his local rescue, Sparkle Cat Rescue (in Burlington), for help.

“We found out about her first thing first thing in the morning and picked her up,” said Sarah Kelly of Sparkle Cat Rescue to Love Meow. “She had neonatal ophthalmia, a serious eye infection, in her right eye.”

Sarah Kelly

While the kitten was on the way to her nursing home, she kneaded on a soft blanket throughout the trip. She chirped and mewed at times, as if she wanted to exclaim her joy over a warm blanket.

“We named her Julia after Julia Child, the famous cook and baker, for making cookies the whole way home after picking them up,” shared Sarah Love Meow.

Sarah Kelly

Sarah started the kitten on the right medication and carefully cleaned her eyes and face. After just 48 hours of care, good food and a warm bed, Julia perked up and began to improve. The little bundle of fur continued to wave her gloves, beaming with joy and satisfaction.

The calico is not only very putty, but also vocal and is not afraid to express their many opinions.

Sarah Kelly

“It was evident that she’s a baking queen and a skilled cook. She continues to do well, making cookies and meows – her two favorite things.”

As a little newborn, Julia cannot regulate her body temperature yet, so she can fall asleep and nap in a cozy incubator between feedings. Sarah brought a teddy bear to keep company so she doesn’t feel alone.

Sarah Kelly

Whenever Sarah comes in with a bottle, the clever kitten knows immediately and waddles to her foster mother. She cries and paws on the glass door until the food is served.

You can never be fast enough to feed a very demanding baby.

Sarah Kelly

“Julia is happy, cheeky and incredibly cute – much like her namesake. She loves her milk (kitten formula) almost as much as she loves cookies,” shared Sarah Love Meow.

Check out Julia the kneading cat in this cute video:

Julia the kitten www.youtube.com

After she got a full belly, sweet Julia will cuddle up in her loyal cuddle friend and fall asleep immediately.

Sarah Kelly

Thanks to the kind person who found the kitten in time, the cute calico will thrive in care and will not have to endure another day without food or shelter.

As soon as Julia steps on a soft blanket, she begins to knead and “bake”.

Sarah Kelly

“We’re so grateful to give her this second chance, but we want more people to realize that Julia is such a small percentage of those cats / kittens that are lucky enough to be rescued,” added Sarah. “We cannot emphasize enough the importance of neutering and neutering.”

Sarah Kelly

In just a few days, the cute kitten gained a lot of healthy weight and strength.

When she’s big enough, she’ll get into a playpen and start exercising those tiny legs and improving her feline skills.

Sarah Kelly

The kneading cat makes progress every day and wins over hearts with its sweet nature and larger-than-life personality.

The little cook is at work making the cutest muffins.

Sarah Kelly

Little Julia still has a lot to do. She loves her new life as an indoor kitten and all the soft things to put her paws on.

Sarah Kelly

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