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Kitten rescued from the garden thrives with mother cat, who took him under her paw

Cobain was just a tiny ginger sprout that was only 4 or 5 days old when it was found alone in a garden. His mother was nowhere to be found and the little kitten would soon wither away without help. Fortunately, the perfect savior pulled him out of trouble.

Tara, founder of The Mad Catters in Perth, Australia, searched the area where she found the crying kitten and hunted down the rest of his family. Their search revealed that the baby was really alone. But taken into Tara’s foster family, Cobain would never be alone again.

Cobain was alone and so young and in good shape. Tara reported that he was a hungry kitten, “immediately nursed his formula like a pro!”

Impound Feline Rescue / Facebook

Catmum Perth / Facebook

And the chowing didn’t stop! In just one day with Tara, Cobain picked up 15 grams! But he was never completely satisfied and always stayed as close as possible to his foster mother. While so much attention is great for kittens, Tara knew her furry friend needed something more.

“Everything is going so well except for one thing … this baby is lonely!”

Catmum Perth / Facebook

Young kittens need furry families

While most people consider cats antisocial beings, cats are actually very social and depend on their families for learning how to make cats.

“Kittens need other kittens and their mother for behavioral and social development, and this little guy knows something is wrong.”

To help Cobain find the connection he needed, Tara kept searching for his family. She also gave the floor to other carers and rescuers on her little singleton, “so that he may have the comfort and perfect nourishment a mother cat provides, and the company and friendship that other kittens will bring him.”

It wasn’t long before the little scion was planted into a furry family of gray and white!

Impound Feline Rescue / Facebook

Find a family

Impound Feline Rescue turned to Tara and told the story of Cinque, a new mother cat who had given birth to a litter of kittens a few days earlier. Since Cobain was only a few days older than Cinque’s litter, “it was hoped that Cinque might accept this little ginger as an extra mouth to feed.”

Impound Feline Rescue / Facebook

Impound Feline Rescue said to Love Meow: “To everyone’s delight, little Cobain was quickly added to the gray and white gang, and so the litter of five became a litter of six.”

Tara also shared, “Cinque is such a fond mother cat and took him in straight away. He will now have siblings and a mother from whom he can learn important behavioral and social skills, as well as the best possible nutrition for growing kittens. “

From a single kitten flower alone in a garden to part of an entire bouquet of cats, Cobain will grow up with a family. When the time comes to go home forever he will be a well-adjusted kitten with so much love for gift giving!

Catmum Perth / Facebook

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