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Kitten hops into the lap of the family who took him in, determined to get what he wants with his own paws

A kitten curled up in its foster family’s lap, determined that its charm could get whatever it wanted.

Koda the kitten Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

A few weeks ago, a small black kitten was brought to Mini Cat Town, a cat rescue in San Jose, California, after being rescued as a singleton. The kitten with two large doe eyes and bear gloves became an instant love bug.

After he got to the foster family, he was tidied up, got a full tummy, and quickly found a warm lap to nest on. The cute little guy let out his adorable purr in front of his human and all he wanted was to cuddle.

“Because he looks like a little bear and was found all alone without his mother, we named him Koda,” said Laura Malone, Foster’s mom. “His eyes are so expressive.”

Koda has very expressive eyes. Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

For the next few days, the kitten would be demanding lap times from its humans without any delays. Although Laura had lots of stuffed animals and received undivided attention from the whole family, she knew something was missing – a buddy his size to play with.

It was around this time that a stray cat was found with its kittens in a bush in a wildcat community. Nobody knew where it had come from, but they suspected that it might have been abandoned in the apartment complex.

Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

The cat family came to Laura’s home so the mother could have a safe place to raise her kittens.

“Mom used the litter box and ate all the food I gave her before bed. She moved from living in the bush on a busy street to her own suite with heated beds, 24-hour room service and daily massages . “

Mother cat Lavender and her kitten Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

During the next two weeks of observation (due to health issues), Koda was in a separate room, doing rounds, and getting excited about Laura’s family. Koda was so excited when he saw his people and came running over to get attention and cuddle.

The plan was to introduce him to the cat family when they were ready. “So he can have some friends next to me,” added Laura.

Kitten cuddles with Foster DadLaura Malone in Mini Cat Town

When the time came, sweet momma Lavender quickly accepted Koda as her own and even tried to nurse him.

Koda was a perfect fit for the crew and didn’t hesitate to start a wrestling session with the other kitties.

Koda and his new cat family Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

With Koda and his unwavering energy to get what he wants, it has affected Mama Lavender and helped her be more confident.

Check out Koda in this cute video:

Kitten and cat family www.youtube.com

It comes out of its shell and feels more comfortable with people. “I’m so proud of her and so relieved that she is making progress.”

Koda and LavenderLaura Malone in Mini Cat Town

Koda keeps Lavender busy because she’s quite a mischief maker. He will throw himself on her back and put his arms around her like he’s about to hug her with a big bear.

Lavender doesn’t play much, but she always gets along with Koda’s many gimmicks.

Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

He enjoys being with his foster siblings and constantly planning his next antics.

When Lavender’s kittens gather around her for a quick afternoon snack (breastfeeding), Koda comes straight to his foster mother to snuggle up in her lap.

Koda the kitten shows his big bear paws to Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

The little guy insists on being the center of attention and doesn’t take no for an answer.

“Koda was trying to get my attention during a Mini Cat Town board meeting, so I picked him up and let him join the call,” said Laura.

Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

In a few weeks, Koda and his foster siblings will be ready for their next adventure – at home forever.

Rescue hopes to be able to adopt Momma Lavender and her beloved baby Lilac together so that she always has a companion to help her with her confidence.

Momma Lavender and her kitten LilacLaura Malone in Mini Cat Town

From now on, Koda rules the quarters in the care room and continues to charm everyone with his larger-than-life personality.

Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

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