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Kitten found in the corner of the barn shows incredible spirit, has turned her life through kindness

A little kitten found in the corner of a barn had changed her life through kindness.

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Last week, a good Samaritan woman from Indiana walked into her barn early one morning when she heard what sounded like kitten screams from inside.

She immediately went to the exam and saw a little kitten lying in the corner on the cold cement, screaming loudly. The kitten was only a few weeks old with no mother in sight.

The friendly lady looked around for the mother cat and other kittens but couldn’t find any. Hoping that the mother would return for the lost kitten, she carefully put some warm straw around the little bundle of fur so that the kitten would not lie on the cold floor.

Then she waited patiently to see if the mother would come back to fetch her baby.

Catsnip Etc

A couple of hours passed and there was no sign of any other cats. The kind lady couldn’t leave the kitten out to take care of herself, so she brought it inside and tried to look after the kitten as best she could.

The kitten was only skin and bones and had to be bottle-fed around the clock. The finder was trying hard to get the kitten to eat so she reached out to her local cat rescue Catsnip Etc and asked if they could help.

Catsnip Etc

A rescue volunteer quickly stepped forward and offered to care for the kitten.

“When we got her, she was starving, a little dehydrated, and full of fleas. We got her to drink a kitten milk substitute and combed her forever to get rid of her fleas,” said Missy McNeal of Catsnip Etc to Love Miau .

Catsnip Etc

They called the kitten cricket. Within a few minutes, the kitten settled into its cozy, warm nest, which was covered with soft blankets, a heating pad and a cat-sized toy.

Baby Cricket wrapped her arms around all the soft things to put her paws on. She snuggled up against her artificial mother and immediately fell asleep.

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In just a few days, cricket has doubled her weight and tripled her energy. She begins to show her bullshit and her kattitude and never gets tired of falling in love and cuddling on it.

“She’s doing great now, eating really well and getting around more and more every day,” shared Missy Love Meow.

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The little panther cat was determined to be found in the barn that day as she never stopped crying for help.

10 days later she has already grown into a beautiful little kitten with a budding personality.

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Cricket may be tiny, but she has a powerful fighting spirit that kept her going.

Now that she has a roof over her head and a dedicated caretaker to attend to all of her needs, she thrives and welcomes the love of her foster family.

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The former barn kittens are so happy with their new abode that they would fall asleep on anything around them.

Catsnip Etc

The cute kitten still has a lot to do and improve cat skills. She loves her new life as a house cat and has no worries in the world.

Catsnip Etc

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