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Kitten found alone in the yard kneads itself into the hearts of the family

A cute calico kitten kneaded its way into the hearts of a family after being found alone in a backyard.

Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

A small kitten was discovered outside a North Carolina resident’s home. The man who discovered them looked around for other kittens but couldn’t find any.

After waiting for hours there was no mother cat to be seen. He reached out to Sparkle Cat Rescue, a volunteer-run organization, hoping to provide the kitten with the care and medical care she urgently needed.

Sarah Kelly, a rescue volunteer, rushed to retrieve the kitten as soon as she received the request for help. The calico was hungry and had an eye infection. Despite everything, she began to knead with her front paws when she was placed on a soft blanket. During her trip to her nursing home, she continued to stretch her toe beans.

Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

After two days around the clock, the kitten perked up and her eyes began to clear. They called her Julia Child, and the little “baker” kept making the cutest cookies on all the soft things she could put her paws on.

“It was obvious she was a baking queen. She’s happy, sassy, ​​and incredibly cute,” shared Sarah Love Meow.

Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

In the next few weeks, little Julia didn’t miss any opportunity to knead with her cheerful little gloves. Even if she was served a bottle, she would rather eat while happily waving her paws.

After she got fed up, the tiny bundle of fur asked her foster mother for pets and abdominal massages while she exuded joy with her very kneading paws.

Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

The kitten was determined to grow big and strong after a rough start in life. She would be waiting eagerly for her foster mother to feed her at mealtime and eat to her heart’s content.

She is also an expert on hiding.

Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

The calico loves people and other cats. When introduced to other carers, she immediately went to them and started sharing beds and toys with them.

Julia was always in a good mood. Their sweetness and confidence rubbed off even the most shy kittens.

Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

Watch sweet calico’s journey home in this video:

Calico Kitten Journey Home Forever www.youtube.com

It was around this time that Marissa Carter of North Carolina sought a friend for her cat, Stella, who was rescued from the wild when she was six months old. Stella needed a feline companion to socialize with.

When Marissa saw the friendly Calico, she knew they would be a good match.

Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

It was love at first sight when she met the kitten. The sweet calico quickly crawled into the arms of her forever human human.

“Her first day at home was great. She acclimatized very quickly, snuggled up against us and slept on my chest for three hours,” Marissa told Love Meow.

Marissa Carter @the_carter_kitties

The kitten, now renamed Sola, showed off its kneading skills on her fresh blankets – once a baking queen, always a baking queen.

The calico has developed into a cuddle beetle. She refuses to be alone and goes around the house offering kisses and cuddles. “Her favorite thing is definitely cuddling with me and her dad,” Marissa shared with Love Meow.

Marissa Carter @the_carter_kitties

“She also likes to chase her tail, running up and down the steps of the scratching post. She loves to lie down on the back of the couch and watch cars go by.”

Sola has been home for a few days and was already exchanging paw shakes with Stella through the gap under the door.

Marissa Carter @the_carter_kitties

The cute kitten started playtime with her cat friend, who was a little shy at first but couldn’t resist the offer.

Sola keeps going back to the door to greet Stella and can’t wait to run around the house with her new friend when she’s ready. “I really think they’ll be best of friends,” Marissa told Love Meow.

Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

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