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Kitten found a wonderful family who not only gave him a home, but also his faithful cow

A kitten found a wonderful family who not only gave him a home but also adopted his faithful cow.

Sarah Kelly

Workers on a construction site in North Carolina heard the screams of a kitten and located the tiny ball of fur in some rafters. Hoping that the mother cat would return, they decided to wait for her overnight.

The next morning the workers came back to the crying kitten all alone, and nothing of the mother could be seen. They turned to their local rescue, Sparkle Cat Rescue, for help rescuing the kitten.

Sarah Kelly, a volunteer caregiver, responded immediately to the rescue. She took the kitten home and put it in an incubator to keep it warm. The kitten was so hungry that he quickly devoured the kitten formula as if he hadn’t eaten in days.

Sarah Kelly

To make sure the kitten didn’t feel lonely, Sarah set him up with a friend – a snuggly cow toy that matched its size and markings. The kitten immediately waddled over to the cow, snuggled up against it before purring to sleep.

The kitten named Bo slept soundly that night with a full stomach and the company of his cow. As soon as he could stretch his legs more, he became more and more curious about the world outside the incubator. He started using his big voice to get attention, and it worked every time.

Sarah Kelly

When Bo wasn’t napping with his loyal cow buddy, he insisted on being outside of his cozy suite, perfecting his gait, and playing with whatever moves.

The clever kitten never shied away from hearing his voice whenever he wanted something and never took no for an answer.

Sarah Kelly

Bo graduated from a playpen and started jumping and running. He caught up with his cow companion in size and was introduced to other foster kittens so he could have friends over to the roughhouse.

After every intense game session, he would return to his cow and kick next to it. Eventually Bo grew out of the toy, but didn’t outgrow his habit of cuddling with it every night.

Sarah Kelly

While Bo continued to improve his cat skills with the help of other kittens, Kenleigh Gilbert from West North Carolina came across the little mischief maker. She was hit immediately.

Check out Bo and hear his meow in this cute video:

Bo the kitten www.youtube.com

“I knew when I saw him that he should be my cat,” Kenleigh told Love Meow.

Sarah Kelly

Earlier this year, Kenleigh lost her cat, Sal, to an unknown illness. “He was my best friend and emotional support animal. I just watched cat videos on Instagram occasionally to cheer myself up, and one day I came across Bo. I remember how much he reminded me of Sal.”

“We applied for him and luckily we got approved. I’m so excited to have him in my life.”

Sarah Kelly

Bo has grown by leaps and bounds since the day he was found at the construction site. He was given a cow toy to keep him company on the first day and has since grown into a serious love and attention seeker.

When he was finally ready to spread his wings and fly, they knew the kitten and his cow pal were a package.

Sarah Kelly

Yesterday, Bo and his little companion started a new journey with their eternal family.

“He cuddled his cow all the way home,” Kenleigh told Love Meow. “His name will continue to be Bo to honor where he came from, but we decided that his full name would be Bowie Purroughs.”

Kenleigh Gilbert

After exploring his new accommodation, the cute kitten immediately settled down. He played with his new wand toy and climbed the scratching post. He was in love with his big, fluffy bed and began to knead in sheer bliss.

On his first night at home, Bo slept comfortably with his forever human.

Kenleigh Gilbert

Now that Bo is the center of attention when needed, he is spending more time with his people, purring, and constantly making cookies (kneading).

His loyal friend, the cow, is always around and ready to cuddle.

Kenleigh Gilbert

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