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Kitten finds the family of her dreams and wins everyone with her lovable personality

A kitten came to her new home and insisted on convincing everyone with her adorable quirks.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

Jennifer Kubba welcomed an orange kitten to her loving home a month ago. The little bundle of fluff called Cheese immediately set off to win the hearts of all family members.

One of them is Hank, a beautiful cat that Jennifer saved when she was a newborn kitten. Cheese liked Hank immediately and followed her around the house after a brief meet-and-greet.

The orange tabby wanted to know everything about Hank, followed her and watched her carefully with those curious eyes.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

Hank was initially a little unsure about this tough little kitten and responded with a few gentle strokes, but that didn’t stop Cheese from pursuing her.

The kitten stayed near her buddy and messed up in front of her as if trying to get her attention. Slowly but surely, Hank became more fascinated by the little ball of energy and tried to find it out with more intensive sniffing.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

Cheese, the stubborn kitten, confidently jumped onto Hank’s “throne” (her favorite spot in the scratching post) when Hank was about to take a rest.

She would follow her to the windows and sit on the windowsill with Hank and insist on copying everything Hank did.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

The kitten began to grow on Hank when she was determined to be her little shadow.

“She never stops meowing and walking around. She always harasses her two kitty sisters (Hank and Poppy),” Jennifer told Love Meow.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

After a few friendly strokes and lots of sniffing and inspecting, Hank decided the kitten wasn’t that bad and started enjoying her company.

She took the newcomer under her wing, showed her the ropes and even shared her throne with the spicy little kitten.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

Check out Cheese the Kitten in this cute video:

Cheese the kitten www.youtube.com

Wherever Hank is, cheese is always in sight.

Ever since Cheese saw Hank take a nap in the big bed, the tabby girl has followed suit.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

A few days ago, Cheese made his way over to Hank and dropped next to her to snuggle up. Usually Hank got up and walked away, but this time she stayed with the kitten and snuggled away.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes … This was a first, shocking, and happiest moment of the whole weekend,” shared Jennifer.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

Cheese is an affectionate little cat whose preferred means of transport is its human’s shoulder.

The tough kitten has a penchant for shoulder rides and has been affectionately known as the “parrot tiger”.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

The brave and confident kitten walks up to Aspen the Husky and curls up in his arms for attention and playtime.

Jennifer @aspenthegoodestboy

Another cat, Poppy, wasn’t that impressed with the kitten initially, so Cheese took matters into her own paws and decided to take a nap next to her.

Poppy has given in to her adorable quirks and has started sharing a bed with the kitten.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

Cheese and Hank have become partners in calamity, creating all kinds of antics all over the house.

They like to watch their dog brother Aspen play through the window outside in the yard and talk in private.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

Since Cheese stepped into her home forever, she has made it her business to win everyone over and not take no for an answer.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

Hank remains Cheese’s best friend, and the two run the house like they own it.

Jennifer @hankthegirlkitty

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