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Kettleman Supercharger Cats are neutered and neutered thanks to Tesla drivers

When Tesla built the Kettleman City Supercharger Station in California, its purpose was to charge electric cars. But cats, who are always smart creatures, have also found good uses for the charging station.

60 cats are currently calling the Kettleman City Supercharger Station. While their cars are charging, Tesla owners can have a coffee and watch the kittens.

Tesla owner Eddie Serrano told Fox News 26, “It’s always a good excuse to check out a few kittens and charge the car. I just had two kittens myself, so I felt like a cat daddy. I wanted to see the little kittens. “

Help for Kettleman City Tesla Supercharger Cats / GoFundMe

But they have noticed something about the wild colony lately.

The Supercharger cat population is increasing.

The community cats that call the Supercharger station at home mostly depend on themselves to live. That said, medical problems can devastate the group and leave them stuck in the breeding cycle. More kittens mean more hungry mouths and chances of devastating diseases.

All of these cats need some TNR love.

Hearts calculated for giving

However, catching, neutering, and returning wild cats can be an expensive process. Kings County Animal Services friends report that the cost of spay / neuter surgery is approximately $ 60 per cat. With 60 cats and growth, good care becomes expensive.

Help for Kettleman City Tesla Supercharger Cats / GoFundMe

The Tesla owners, who took note of these cats and enjoyed watching them, wanted to do something to help them live healthy colony lives. So the organizers set up a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising $ 3,600 for the Kettleman cats to be spayed and neutered.

Tesla drivers across the country have been big, putting over $ 5,500 in the fund to date!

Wendi Weidner, one of the organizers, said: “I am so overwhelmed by gratitude to everyone who came to help these 60 cats that live with the Kettleman compressors. I cannot thank you enough and I am overwhelmed by your generosity! “

“Every cat in this place has hope now. You will be checked, neutered, neutered and medicated. “

Hopefully some of these cats will find homes forever, but those that are too wild to be indoors can at least lead lives outside of the kitten breeding cycle.

Help for Kettleman City Tesla Supercharger Cats / GoFundMe

Houses around the corner forever?

Danielle Fouty stopped by for a fee and visited some of the cats. She told Fox 26 that she hoped the local cats can find a home. And she believes they can after an experience with a kitten at Kettleman was positive and kind.

“The kitten was all over me, it was like being climbed on top of me,” she shared, happy that the baby had already learned to enjoy human company.

@ lovemesomemusk / Twitter

That some of the cats and kittens are so friendly means that forever home could be just around the corner. But for those Kettleman cats, a little too wild for human hands, they’ll be happy and cared for now thanks to concerned Telsa owners and the dedicated rescuers at Friends of Kings County Animal Services.

Help for Kettleman City Tesla Supercharger Cats / GoFundMe

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Feature Image: Help for Kettleman City Tesla Supercharger Cats / GoFundMe

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