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Kayak fishing tips for beginners

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the United States. Almost 49 million participants go fishing at least once a year. Research shows that convenience plays a role in how often someone fishes. For example, if you live fifty miles from the nearest lake, you probably won’t fish there as often as someone who lives fifty feet from the edge.

Small, light watercraft, so-called kayaks, make it easier for anglers of all skill levels to access the water. They’re cheaper than motorboats, offer better access, and allow you to travel greater distances in shorter periods of time. When you’re ready to hit the water, here are some great kayak fishing tips.

  1. Safety first. Bring the correct safety equipment, including a personal flotation device, handheld VHF radio, signaling device, and other items required by the US Coast Guard. It is also a good idea to pack food and water, a first aid kit, and suitable sun protection equipment.
  2. Make a float plan. Leave a written copy of your float plan with someone you trust and who can communicate with officials in an emergency. It doesn’t matter if you’re just learning how to fish in a kayak or if you’ve been doing it for years. This is an important life-saving precaution.
  3. Wear an anchor. This is easy to miss, but it is one of the top kayak fishing tips. An anchor is usually small and compact and will help you stay in those active fishing spots. Only tie it from the bow or stern, not the side of your ship, or you could overturn.
  4. Bring your GPS. There is no shortage of kayak accessories and electronics. A GPS device attached to your kayak is a great way to navigate the waterways and make sure you can find your way back.
  5. Check the items. Weather, tides, and water temperature are just a few of the elements that determine how you plan your day. What equipment to pack, what to wear, where to go and how the fish behave. For example, most kayak bass fishing tips tell you that when the water warms up in early summer, the bass will move near the coast to spawn.

Check out more basic kayak fishing tips and get your fishing license before you set off. Enjoy!

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