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Jigging for beginners: 5 tips for equipment, equipment and technique

Shore jigging is a common type of fishing in which heavy baits, called jigs, are cast from the bank into different water depths. The retrieval technique is also known as “jigging,” but there is no right or wrong way to do it properly. If you’re trying to jig for beginners, here are some quick gear, gear, and technique tips.

1. Lightweight, powerful rod

If you want to jig all day, you need a rod that is light but offers flexibility to work with heavy jigs and has enough backbone to pull big, strong fish. Opt for a moderately fast to fast action rod tip with heavy to extra heavy strength and a length of 5 to 7 feet. Many brands offer rods that are specifically designed for beginners’ jigging.

2. High gear reels

Look for reel models marked “HG” that indicate high speed gearboxes. Reels with a higher gear ratio produce more line per revolution of the handle, which gives you more control over the movement of the tensioner and less fatigue as you cast and reel for long periods of time. When it comes to jigging on land for beginners, this tip will make you look like a pro.

3. 40 to 80 pounds test leader

Use a heavy-duty leader that is resistant to abrasion against rocks and structure, and also strong enough to withstand tough runs and deep dives from strong wild fish.

4. Metal fixtures

The shapes, colors, and styles of jigs are endless, but the types used for jigging on land are usually flat, weighted, and designed for use with a single hook.

5. Different retrieval techniques

The technique often depends on the type of bait used, but generally results in different jerky up and down movements. Quick jerk, drop it. Constant twitching. Fast rolling up with irregular twitches. You cannot predict with certainty what kind of movement will make the fish bite that day. Try different methods until you find out what works.

Jigging for beginners requires versatility. Be ready to learn to adjust and adapt until you find the right gear, gadget, and techniques for your area. Even when jigging on land for beginners, you need the right fishing license. Search online by state or visit your local sporting goods store to buy one in person. For more beginner fishing tips, see how to hook the hook or land a fish, for example. Enjoy!

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