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How to Use the Take Me Fishing Skill for Amazon Alexa to Plan Your Adventures

Using the new Take Me Fishing ability for Amazon Alexa makes planning your upcoming family fishing or boating trips even easier. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about Amazon Alexa or know how an Alexa skill actually works. These simple guidelines will keep you up to date.

Alexa is the cloud-based voice service behind Amazon Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices. Using Alexa skills is super easy – All you have to do is ask a question and Alexa will answer immediately. If you are fishing or boating, this technology can help by making planning your family adventures faster and easier.

If you have an Alexa-enabled device, you can easily use the Take Me Fishing Alexa skill.

Follow these three simple steps to get suggestions about fish locations, what types of fish to target in specific locations, hear an updated fishing forecast, or get directions to a new fishing spot.

  1. To set up your Alexa skill “Take Me Fishing” all you need to do is activate the skill “Take Me Fishing” via Amazon. Once activated, this ability can be accessed on all available Alexa devices.
  2. This ability requests permission to access your device address and cell phone number. You need to give permission to activate the skill.
  3. Speak to approved Alexa Descriptions and utterances when using the Take Me Fishing skill for Amazon Alexa. Examples of approved statements are:
  • Alexa, ask Take Me Fishing to suggest a fishing spot near Dallas, Texas
  • Alexa, ask Take Me Fishing about fishing in Lake Anna, Virginia
  • Alexa, ask Take Me Fishing what species are in Bear Creek, Colorado

By following these three super simple steps, you can instantly activate and use the Take Me Fishing skill for Amazon Alexa. The approved utterances ensure that Alexa responds with helpful answers to your fishing questions.

Once you start using the Take Me Fishing skill on Amazon Alexa, don’t forget to share your experience by providing feedback on the Take Me Fishing skill page on Amazon. Did the Take Me Fishing skill save you time by getting on the water faster? Did the ability suggest a new fishing spot that was perfect for a family getaway? Or could you better plan the timing of a trip by listening to an updated fishing report?

Use the Take Me Fishing skill for Amazon Alexa to make planning your fishing adventures as easy as 1-2-3.

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